How Long Should You Wait To Use Your Golf Clubs After Regripping?

Worn golf grips not only look terrible, but they can also seriously impact your golf game. As golfers, we sometimes blame everything and everyone but ourselves when we hit a bad shot or suffer a bad round, but sometimes it really is our dated golf equipment at fault.  

Regripping your golf clubs as they start to wear is a great way to keep you at the top of your golf game. The process to regrip your clubs is surprisingly easy.

Many golfers are capable of doing it themselves with the tools they have at home.

One possible downside on regripping your clubs often is waiting for them to dry. Should golfers be concerned about dry time cutting into their time on the course?

In the article below, we’re going to examine how long you should wait to use your clubs after you’ve regripped them. We have a lot of topics to cover so let’s jump in.

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How Much Time Does It Take For A Golf Grip To Dry?

To be safe, you should wait at least four hours before using your golf clubs after you’ve regripped them. Waiting 4 hours will give time for the solvent to dry and the grip tape to stick to the new grip.

Using your newly griped clubs before 4 hours may result in your new grips shifting off the center of the club, potentially ruining the new grip.

While its not impossible to reuse a golf grip after its installed, it is much easier to regrip them properly the first time.

During the regripping process, golf grip solvent is poured over the newly tapped club shaft as well as inside the grip. This solvent allows the rubber grip to slip over the sticky golf grip tape.

This solvent needs to dry for the golf grip tape to adhere to the grip. Once the solvent has dried, you should be left with a new grip that allows you to swing freely without any movement in the grip.

If you rush to use your newly gripped clubs before the solvent has fully set then the grip is going to be sliding on the shaft on every shot, leaving you with a bad score and misaligned grips.

If this happens, you will need to go through the entire regripping process again.

The only exception to this rule could be if you are only regripping your putter. As you aren’t going to be taking huge swings with the putter, it is less likely that the grip is going to slide around if the solvent hasn’t fully set.

However, unless the situation is desperate, and you don’t have an alternative putter to use then we would still recommend that you wait at least four hours before using your newly gripped putter.

When Is the Best Time To Regrip Your Clubs?

If wasted time is a concern for you, we have two recommendations on when to regrip your clubs. During the season, we always recommend regripping your golf clubs at night before you go to bed.

This means that after you have finished the regripping process you can simply go to sleep and allow them to dry while you rest.

This way, you aren’t just sitting around waiting and watching the clock until they have finished setting.

Our other suggest would be to regrip your clubs annually a month before the start of the season. This helps in two ways. It ensures that you always have new grips on your clubs as well as avoids any wasted time on the course.

Buying grips in the offseason can also offset the cost of buying them during the peak summer months.

Follow both of these suggestions and you will not need to worry about waiting around for your grips to dry.

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Where To Store Your Clubs After Regripping?

After you’ve finished regripping your clubs, it’s important that you place them in a dry and warm place.

The best place to leave your new gripped clubs is inside your house or in a climate-controlled space. Adding airflow with a fan is also a bonus as it will help the solvent dry faster and more consistently.

Leaving your newly regripped clubs outdoors is an obvious bad idea. Rain or other severe weather could ruin your new grips before you even get to use them.

Storing the clubs in your garage or shed is also a bad idea. These areas are usually too damp and do not receive enough air flow.

Stick with a climate-controlled space and you’ll have perfectly dried grips in now time.

How To Dry Golf Grips Faster?

We would advise that you leave your golf grips to dry naturally in a warm room in the house. However, if you are looking for a shortcut then there are a few options available to you.

The first option is a hairdryer. Blow hot air from the hairdryer over the new grip and it should dry quickly. Make sure that you don’t leave the hairdryer focused on one area.

Instead, move it up and down the entirety of the new grip.

The second option is only available to you if it’s a sunny day. Leave your newly gripped clubs in the sun in your garden and allow the heat from the sun to dry the solvent.

This should speed the process up by a couple of hours. Resist the urge to leave them outdoors in between rain showers as rain could ruin the grip while it sets.

Does The Type Of Grip Impact How Fast They Dry?

When it comes to regripping your golf clubs, it’s important to remember that you have more than one option when it comes to the material you use as your grip.

However, these golf grip options will typically not affect dry time.

Most golf grips will take the same amount of time to dry as it is the solvent that needs to set inside the grip rather than the grip itself. The amount of solvent applied will be the biggest factor in dry time.

Final Thoughts

Regripping your golf grips at home is so easy any golfer can do it. Waiting for them to dry is probably the hardest part.

Use the tips and tricks above to ensure that your golf grips dry properly or speed up the process when you are in a pinch.

With this new information in hand, we’re confident that you will be a regripping pro in no time.  

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