3 Alternatives To Golf Grip Tape (With Pros And Cons)

Golf grip tape is an important component in securing your golf grip to the club shaft. Golf grip tape ensures that your grip does not twist and turn while swinging the club.

When its time to regrip worn golf grips, you will need to use some sort of golf grip tape or adhesive to secure the golf grip to the golf club shaft.

While traditional grip tape has been a go-to for golfers for many years, some golfers may be looking for alternatives to this traditional option.

This could be due to a variety of reasons. Some golfers may be looking to save money on replacement grip tape or simply being curious about alternative options available in the market.

Whatever the reason may be, in the article below, we will cover all you need to know about golf grip tape alternatives. We have a lot to cover so let’s jump in!

What Is Golf Grip Tape And How Is It Used?

It is made of a thin, double sided adhesive material that is wrapped around the shaft of a golf club to provide a tacky, non-slip surface for the hands to hold onto.

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The golf grip tape is wrapped around the shaft of the golf club. This process starts at the top and working down towards the grip end.

As it is applied, the tape is stretched and wrapped tightly around the shaft to create a smooth and uniform surface that is easy for the golf grip to slide over.

Golf grip solvent is then applied to the golf grip and the grip tape to lubricate both for installation.

The golf grip is then installed over the golf shaft and twisted into place to align with the club face.

Once the golf grip solvent dries, the adhesive backing on the tape ensures that it stays in place during use and doesn’t shift or slip around on the shaft.

What Are Golf Grip Tape Alternative?

Golf grip tape is relatively affordable and is specifically made to adhere your golf grips to your golf shaft without damaging the club or grip. We always recommend using golf grip tape to regrip your golf clubs.

However, in some scenarios, golf grip tape may not be a readily available option. While we would always recommend using golf grip tape to regrip your golf clubs, we also understand there could be situations where this is not possible.

Below are three golf grip tape alternatives when you have no other options.

Double Sided Masking Tape

Double sided making tape is often mentioned as being a decent substitute to golf grip tape. While masking tape can work as an alternative, it does have some drawbacks.

First, it is more difficult to install and remove golf grips when masking tape is used. Next, securing the golf grip properly also comes into question.

We have found it to be more difficult to apply masking tape smoothly to the golf shaft. This causes the grip to not be as secure as well as potentially causing bumps in the grip.

Glue Or Adhesive

Glue or other adhesives also will work to install your golf grips, but it comes with a price. Using an adhesive will secure your golf grip to your shaft, but often too well.

It will be almost impossible to remove the golf grip from the shaft without some sort of damage, especially when this method is used on graphite shafts.

Carpet Tape

Similar to double sided masking tape, golf grip tape can also be used. This option again will not secure the grip as well as normal golf grip tape. Plus, it may be more difficult to remove during the next regripping.

Old Golf Grip Tape

Another option is using the existing golf grip tape on the golf club. We have a separate article outlining if you can use old golf grip tape to install new golf grips.

While golf grip tape alternatives can be a useful option in some situations, they may not always provide the same level of durability or longevity as traditional grip tape.

It’s always best to use grip tape specifically designed for golf clubs whenever possible, but in a pinch, these alternatives can be a helpful solution.

Challenges With Golf Grip Tape Alternatives

While golf grip tape alternatives can be useful in certain situations, they do come with some drawbacks.

The biggest challenge with using alternatives to golf grip tape is the removal of the grip once it has worn out or needs to be replaced.

Unlike traditional grip tape, which can be easily removed without damaging the club or grip, some grip tape alternatives may be difficult to remove and can leave residue on the club shaft.

This can make it more difficult to regrip the club in the future and can also cause damage to the shaft or grip.

Another challenge with golf grip tape alternatives is the inability to secure the grip properly. Traditional grip tape is specifically designed to adhere to the golf club shaft and provide a tight, secure grip.

Alternatives such as masking tape or glue may not provide the same level of adhesion. This can cause the grip to shift or slip during use.

This can result in decreased control and accuracy and can even cause injury if the club slips out of the golfer’s hand during a swing.

Lastly, some grip tape alternatives can cause damage to the golf club shaft. For example, using glue to attach a grip can cause the glue to seep into the small crevices of the shaft, which can make it difficult to remove the grip in the future.

Similarly, using carpet tape or other adhesive products can cause damage to the shaft when the grip is removed, which can weaken the structure of the club and affect its performance.

Looking For Alternatives For Golf Grips Solvent?

Like golf grip tape, we would always recommend using golf grip solvent to regrip your clubs. It is not expensive, and it is specially formulated to adhere golf grips to newly tapped golf clubs. That said, there are other options for golf grip solvent.

If you are in a situation where you cannot find or use golf grip solvent, below are suitable alternatives.

Final Thoughts

While golf grip tape alternatives may be an option in some situations, it is important to keep in mind the potential drawbacks they may have.

Traditional grip tape is designed specifically for golf clubs and provides the necessary adhesion and security needed for a proper grip.

While alternatives such as double-sided masking tape, glue, or carpet tape may work in a pinch, they may not provide the same level of durability or longevity as traditional grip tape.

They may also be more difficult to remove, potentially causing damage to the club or grip.

In the end, it’s always best to use grip tape specifically designed for golf clubs whenever possible. However, if no other options are available, these alternatives can be a helpful solution.

Just be aware of the potential challenges and risks that come with using them.

If you are looking to save on regripping your golf clubs, don’t skimp on golf grip tape. Instead, take a look at our article on 7 Budget Friendly Golf Grips that wont break the bank!

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