Can You Reuse Golf Grip Tape? (What You Need To Know About Old Grip Tape)

Regripping your golf clubs can be an expensive process. Doing your own regripping at home is a great way to keep expenses down.

However, a DYI regripping project only save money in the long run if you do it correctly. Unfortunately, some golfers may look to cut corners when regripping their clubs.

The thriftiest of golfers may try to save on golf grip tape and reuse the old tape, but is that a good idea? Everyone wants to save money but sometimes keeping expenses low can cost you more in the end.

In the article below, we are going to cover all you need to know about old golf grip tape. If you can reuse golf grip tape. if you can leave old tape on the shaft, plus much more! We have a lot to cover so let’s take a look.

Can You Leave Old Golf Grip Tape On When Regripping Your Golf Club?

One of the most important parts of the regripping process is where and how you wrap the new golf grip tape around the golf shaft. The sticky golf grip tape is what helps bind your new golf grip to the golf shaft.

The quality of this bond is extremely important so it’s vital that you get this part right.

To save time, some people may consider leaving the original grip tape on the shaft. Using a new piece of grip tape over the old tape to secure the new grip instead of removing then applying a fresh wrap of tape.

While this may seem appealing, we would strongly urge you to not leave old golf tape on when regripping.

Old grip tape will not bind as well to the new tape applied over it. If you end up installing the new golf grip over existing tape, your club will likely need regripping sooner.

In the long run, taping over old golf grip tape will cost you more time and money.

For those who do leave the golf grip tape on to save time, this will impact the thickness of your grips. For those with bigger hands or who like oversized grips, leaving old tape on could work out.

However, we would always suggest to double wrap your new grips with new grip tape. Grip tape is not expensive so why take the chance.

If you are looking to keep your regrip budget low, don’t skimp on the golf tape. Instead, check out our article Best Budget Golf Grips for grips that won’t break the bank.

Also, make sure to allow for the appropriate amount of dry time before using your new grips or you will end up replacing your new grips.

Can You Reuse Golf Grip Grip Tape When Regripping Golf Clubs?

Reusing grip tape may seem appealing but it is not a smart idea. To save money, you may consider leaving the original grip tape on the shaft to secure the new golf grip, using the old tape instead of new golf grip tape.

While this may seem like a good way to save some money, we would recommend against using old golf tape on when regripping. Regardless of how intact the original tape looks, it’ will never be as sticky or durable as a piece of brand-new grip tape.

Grip tape will get damaged in the removal process. Plus, old tape will not have the same adhesive power as new tape. We recommend always removing all tape then reapplying new tape when regripping your club.

Some golfers might even consider the possibility of taking the existing tape off one club and then re-using it on a different one.

We would also urge you to reconsider doing this for the same reasons we listed above. Old tape is not going to work as effectively or be as durable as new tape.

If you do reuse existing tape, then you are likely to end up with a grip that twists all over the place. The likely end result here is you regrip your clubs from scratch so, instead, just pay the small price for new tape and do the job properly!

Can I Regrip Golf Clubs Without Tape?

For those really looking to save, they may think to ditch the golf tape all together. It technically would be possible to regrip golf clubs without tape, but at a cost. The solvent used to help the tape stick to both the club and grip will not work by itself.

The standard regripping method relies on tape and solvent to work. Without the tape, your grips will not stick to your clubs.

With the above said, you could theoretically use another type of adhesive to secure your new golf grips. However, we would suggest against this.

While this may be practical for the first regripping, subsequent efforts to remove the grips from your clubs may be very difficult. We would always suggest sticking to the classic way of regripping your golf clubs.

Not sure if its actually time to regrip your clubs? Check out our article ‘Are Your Golf Grips Worn? How To Tell And When To Regrip’ for an in-depth guide.

If it is time to regrip your clubs, check out our easy how to guides for regripping your golf clubs with different solvents.

1.) Regripping Golf Clubs With Rubbing Alcohol
2.) Regripping Golf Clubs Soap And Water
3. )Regripping Golf Clubs With Paint Thinner
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Final Thoughts?

Golf can be an expensive sport. Between the equipment and cost to play, players may be looking for ways to save. While there are ways to cut cost, we would suggest to never reuse grip tape. Furthermore, we would also recommend removing old tape to ensure a snug fit for your new grips.

Once you regrip your new clubs, be sure to keep up with their maintenance Check out our article on 5 Easy Ways To Clean Your Golf Grips to make sure your golf grips last.

Hopefully you liked this article and found it informative. Check out our other blog posts if you liked this one!

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