What Is The Best Shaft Weight For Wedges?

Driver Shafts

Golfers with a great short game have great finesse and precision around the greens. While practicing your short game is a major factor in your short game success, your choice of brand of wedge, wedge flex, and wedge shaft weight have an equally important impact on your performance out on the course. In the article … Read more

Best Bounce For 60-Degree Wedge

When it comes to selecting the right equipment for your golf game, the choices can be overwhelming, and selecting the perfect 60-degree wedge is no exception. Two important factors to consider when choosing your 60-degree wedge, or lob wedge, are the wedge’s bounce and grind. In the article below, we’ll break down these concepts in … Read more

Best High Bounce Wedge

There are many high bounce wedges on the market today. From affordable designs to premium options, there is a high bounce wedge perfect for every golfer of every skill set. Golfers searching for the best high bounce wedge probably have some knowledge about wedge design and what they are looking for so we will jump … Read more

Best Low Bounce Wedges | Expert Picks

There are many low bounce wedges on the market today. From premium designs to affordable options, there is low bounce wedge perfect for every golfer. It is probably safe to say that if you are searching for a low bounce wedge, you probably have some knowledge about wedge design so we will jump right into … Read more

Best Wedge For Flop Shots

One of the most rewarding yet challenging shots in golf is the flop shot. Execute it properly and you’ll look like a pro. Mess it up and be prepared to jot down a high score. While the flop shot can be difficult to master, choosing the proper wedge can make a world of difference. In … Read more

Can I Bring Golf Clubs On A Greyhound Bus?

Traveling by bus can be very convenient for long trips or when you don’t have your own transportation. However, traveling by bus with golf clubs can be a hassle if you don’t plan ahead. With ever changing rules and hidden fees, it can be difficult to know what you can or cannot do when traveling … Read more

How Many Acres Are Needed For A Golf Course?

Golf courses come in a wide range of shapes and sizes. From the sprawling grounds of iconic Augusta National to your cozy neighborhood 9-hole executive course. While there is a lot of variety when it comes to golf course size, there are some average sizes for most traditional golf courses.    In the article below, … Read more

Are Ping Eye 2 Irons Still Good?

The Ping Eye 2s are a classic set of golf clubs. Introduced in the 1980s, these irons earned a reputation for their unwavering reliability and consistent performance. While almost every golf expert would agree that these clubs were premier in their day, what is less understood is their performance against today’s modern club design. Are … Read more