5 Easy Ways To Clean Your Golf Grips

Keeping your golf gear clean on the course can be a real challenge. Rainy days or hitting your ball into wet areas can result in dirt and mud build up on your golf equipment, including your golf grips.

Cleaning your golf grips regularly is a great way to increase the lifespan of your grips while, at the same time, giving you optimal performance on the course.

Not sure how to clean you golf grips or what to use? Don’t worry, we have you covered. In the article below, we are going to cover all you need to know about cleaning your golf grips. From what you need to the best cleaning solutions to use.

What Do You Use To Clean Golf Grips?

There are a couple different cleaning solutions you can use when it comes to cleaning your golf grips. Luckily for you, the majority of options are common items found in most households.

Cleaning solution aside, you will need a bucket, a dish towel, and access to warm water. If you don’t have these items, it’s time to go get them.

All these items can be used to clean your clubs, bag, and pretty much any other pieces of golf equipment.

How To Clean Golf Grips At Home | 5 Easy Ways

Cleaning your golf grips at home is easy and should be a part of your regular golf gear care. Cleaning your golf grips at home takes only a few items and 15 minutes of your time. Keeping reading below for all you need to know about cleaning your golf grips.

1.) Use Soap And Water To Clean You Grips

Not surprisingly, simple dish soap and warm water is a great way to clean your golf grips. We suggest using Dawn as its effective in removing build up yet gentle on the grips. You can also clean your golf club shafts and club faces using the same water.   

One pro tip is to wash your golf grips before the rest of your golf club if you do both at the same time. Using the cleanest water possible will give the best results for your golf grips. You can also switch out the water between washing.

2.) Clean Golf Grips With Vinegar

For particularly dirty clubs, you can add a step above where you apply a vinegar mixture while washing. For this method of cleaning, we recommend buying or repurposing a spray bottle to apply the vinegar.

Dilute the vinegar by mixing two parts water to one part vinegar. Spray the diluted vinegar mixture on the grips, wipe the grips clean with a dish towel, then dip them in a water to remove the solution. It is a simple as that!

3.) How To Clean Golf Grips With Windex

Cleaning your clubs with Windex is another option. Similar to using a vinegar solution, Windex can be used in addition to soap and water for particularly dirty club grips.

The only difference is the no need to dilute the Windex solution so it’s ready to use as is. Windex is an excellent option for cleaning your golf clubs, especially if you already have it readily available. 

4.) Clean Golf Grips With Rubbing Alcohol

You can swap out Windex or vinegar with rubbing alcohol, if needed. Rubbing alcohol is slightly more caustic so it’s not our favorite way to clean grips but it will work in a pinch.

Dilute the mixture down with three parts water to one part rubbing alcohol. Apply the mixture using a spray bottle, wipe the grips clean with a dish towel, then dip them in a water to remove the solution.

5.) Golf Grip Cleaning Wipes

Grip cleaning wipes are the more expensive option, but it may be the best choice if you need to clean you golf grips regularly or if you need to clean them while on the course.

Golf grip cleaning wipes are specially made to clean golf grips to remove dirt and debris while protecting the grip material.

While not overly expensive, grip cleaning wipes costs can add up overtime. They especially seem expensive when you can essentially clean your grips for free with ordinary dish soap and warm water.

If you have spare cash and a need for portable cleaning wipes, golf grip cleaning wipes are a great option for cleaning your golf grips.

Is It Worth Buying A Golf Grip Cleaning Brush? 

There are specialty brushes available to clean golf grips, but do you really need them? Given the low cost of a golf grip cleaning brush we would says yes.  

You can find dual golf grip and golf club cleaning brushes for a reasonable price that clip to your bag. Make the investment and buy a cleaning brush to make sure you have the proper tools to maintain your golf gear.

How Do You Rejuvenate Golf Grips?

Getting golf grips back to their original luster can be difficult if they are not properly taken care of. The adage of an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure rings true when talking about golf grip maintenance.

Be sure to clean your golf grips regularly if you want them to maintain their sheen. At the same time, keep in mind over washing your grips can lead to excess wear.

We recommend cleaning your golf grips monthly or after a particularly dirty round. Keeping your golf glove clean can go a long way in keeping your grips clean.

Check out our article on golf glove maintenance to help both your golf glove and grips last longer.

What If Cleaning My Golf Grips Does Not Work?

No matter how much we care for our golf grips, they can’t last forever. If you are cleaning your golf grips and they are in rough condition, don’t worry, we have you covered.

First, check out our article on how to tell if you golf grips are worn. If they are, read out list of the 7 Best Budget Golf Grips so you can upgrade without breaking the budget.

Golf grips are one of the most important aspects of a golf club. They are the extension point where are hands control the club. Don’t play with worn and dirty golf grips. Know when to clean them and when its time to regrip.

Final Thoughts

Golf grips are essential to our game so why leave it to chance when it comes to their care.  Cleaning your golf grips regularly can help with grip health as well as your scores on the course.

Follow the tips above for best practices when it comes to cleaning your golf grips, so they live their full lifespan while giving you the best performance.

They are so simple to clean that its crazy to think that you haven’t been doing it along with your other golf gear maintenance.

Hopefully you liked this article and found it informative. Check out our other blog posts if you liked this one!