How To Make Golf Glove Last Longer | 5 Easy Tips

Golf gloves are an essential part of any golfer’s game. They are a golfer’s best friend in muggy and rainy weather. They keep the golf club in your hand and ensure you have the grip you need to make the perfect swing.

Given how important our golf gloves are to our game, the care and maintenance of our golf gloves are a top high priority. You may think about getting a new golf glove every round but gloves are not cheap. Running anywhere from $15-$30 per glove, buying new gloves can really add up. Over a year of playing golf, our golf glove budget can get out of hand, but it doesn’t have to break the bank.

Stopping your golf glove from aging prematurely is as easy as following a few proper maintenance steps. If you properly store and care for you golf glove, you can drastically extend its useable lifespan.

In the article below, we are going to cover the basics of golf glove maintenance, how to increase the longevity of your glove to avoid crusting and wrinkled, and everything else you need to know to keep your golf glove in game ready shape.

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How Long Should Golf Gloves Last?

Before we discuss the ways to extend the life expectancy of your golf glove, we need to cover what is the typical expected lifespan. From personal experience, a golf glove should be able to last around 20 rounds if the glove was properly taken care of.

Now this life span expectation is a guideline that is dependent on a variety of factors. Frequency of your rounds, the weather you play in, how your store your golf glove, among many other factors will play into the longevity of your golf glove. Follow the 5 simple steps below to have your golf glove last longer and avoid crusting.       

5 Easy Ways To Extend The Life Of Your Golf Glove

1.) Remove Your Glove Regularly

One important tip to golf glove maintenance is to take it off after each swing and put it in a dry location. Sweat builds up from your hands will lead to a crusty and wrinkle glove. By minimizing your gloves exposure to your hand sweat, you can prolong the life of your glove.

2.) Store Your Glove Properly

Properly storing your golf glove both on and off the course is also a key factor in its lifespan. For on the course, strap you glove to your bag. Avoid shoving your glove in your back pocket. This will lead to faster deterioration of your glove’s health.

Off the course storage is even more important than on the course. Be sure to keep the container that came with your glove. These boxes are a great way to ensure you keep you glove in a flat, dry location in your bag.  

3.) Avoid Exposure to Unnecessary Moisture

Excess moisture can shorten the lifespan of your glove. Opt for a rain glove on rainy days to prevent excess exposure and wear.

4.) Air Dry After a Rounds

A golf glove can go through a lot of abuse during a round. Proper care post round is important to ensure longevity of your glove. Leaving you glove out to air dry is the best way to remove excess moisture from your golf glove. After letting it dry, stick it back into its original case for storage.

5.) Know When To Buy A New Glove

At some point, a golf glove will go beyond repair. No amount of care or maintenance can make a glove last forever. Golf gloves are too important to our games to sacrifice playing with a worn, crusty glove. Smart golfers know when its time to part ways with their glove and purchase a new one.

Why Does My Golf Glove Get Crusty?

Golf gloves start to get crusty and wrinkled over time. This happens as the glove gets dirtied by sweat and other golf course debris. Proper maintenance and care of your golf glove can help prevent this crusting.

Best Place to Put Your Golf Glove in Your Bag

The best place to store your glove is back in its original case. This case provides protection from as well as forces the glove to be in a flat position. When the glove is in its original packaging, tuck it away in one of the larger side pockets of your bag. This is the optimal way to store your glove, in a flat and protected area in your bag.

Should I Clean My Golf Glove To Prevent Hardening?

Keeping your glove clean from dirt, debris, and excess moisture will give your golf glove the best chance at having a long life. Clean your golf glove using warm soapy water to remove dirty spots then air dry.  Handwashing is gentle enough to avoid any excess wear, while also allowing you to remove any dirty spots.

Final Thoughts?

Golf gloves are an essential part of any golfer’s game. They provide much need grip on hot and muggy days. Smart golfers understand their golf glove’s importance on the course and take care of them to make sure they get maximum performance.

You can follow the simple steps above to help your golf glove last longer. Remember that proper storage on and off the course are essential for lengthening your golf glove’s life.

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