Cleaning Golf Clubs With Coke? How To Guide

Cleaning Golf Clubs With Coke

Cleaning your golf clubs with Coca-Cola may seem like a crazy idea but it works! Surprisingly, Coke can be very effective solution for removing rust, dirt, and debris from golf clubs. Coca-Cola contains acids and carbonation strong enough to clean your clubs while still being gentle enough to not damage them. Given that cleaning your … Read more

Can I Use CLR On My Golf Clubs? Easy Rust Removal

Golf Club Rust Removal With CLR

Club rusting is a common issue for golf clubs, especially for the older clubs in our bag. Light rust can typically be removed with basic club washing, but severe rust will typically require special attention. Moisture and poor storage are the most common factors leading to rust. If you find yourself with rusty clubs and … Read more

Is It Safe To Power Wash My Golf Gear | Complete Guide

Golf clubs can get very dirty during a round of golf. After all, during a round of continuous ball striking, your clubs come into contact with no shortage of grass, dirt, sand and all sort of debris. As a golfer, this is just part of the game. However, this doesn’t mean you should settle leaving … Read more