Is It Safe To Power Wash My Golf Gear | Complete Guide

Golf clubs can get very dirty during a round of golf. After all, during a round of continuous ball striking, your clubs come into contact with no shortage of grass, dirt, sand and all sort of debris. As a golfer, this is just part of the game. However, this doesn’t mean you should settle leaving … Read more

Where Do Professional Golfers Stay During Tournaments? (How Much They Spend!)

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It’s easy to watch professional golfers week in, week out and forget that they’re real people. Real people who have a life outside of walking tee to green. Real people who have to get to and from tournaments as well as need a place to stay. Part of being a professional golfer is moving around … Read more

How Much Do Courses Make From Hosting A Professional Golf Tournament? 

What is the pinnacle of achievement for a golf course? Most would say having the honor of hosting a professional golf tournament. Hosting a PGA Tour event is a massive accomplishment for a golf course. Hosting an event not only shows that the course is deemed suitable for the best players in the game, but … Read more

6 Tips For Breaking In New Golf Shoes (Prevent Blistering!)

If you enjoy a physical activity or sport such as running, football, or basketball, you almost undoubtedly have experienced blisters. Anyone who has had a blister knows that, while a minor inconvenience in the grand scheme of things, they can be a huge pain and can prevent you from doing the activities you love. While … Read more

4 Signs You Need New Golf Shoes (Plus How Long Golf Shoes Last)

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If you have played a reasonable amount of golf, then you will know the importance of proper footwear. I recently purchased a new pair myself because my old golf shoes were becoming increasingly worn, less comfortable, and no longer gave me traction during my swing. You’ve probably bought new golf shoes at some point, or … Read more