How To Remove Golf Club Rust With WD-40

Cleaning your rusty golf clubs with WD-40 may seem like an unusual idea but it really works! WD-40 can be an effective tool in removing rust and debris from golf clubs. The WD-40 solution works by loosening the bonds between the rust and the club surface. WD-40 is strong enough to clean your clubs while still being gentle enough to not damage them.

Given that cleaning your clubs with WD-40 is uncommon, you may not know the correct way to go about it. It’s important to get it right to make sure your clubs get rust free and cleaned properly.

In the article below, we are going to cover all you need to know about cleaning and de-rusting your clubs with WD-40. We have a lot to cover so let’s get started.

Why Do People Use WD-40 To Remove Rust And Clean Their Golf Clubs?

WD-40 has long been used to clean and remove rust from metals. Its no wonder why golfers have been using WD-40 to clean their clubs for decades given how power it can be. Applying WD-40’s metal cleaning properties to golf clubs is a great way to get your clubs looking brand new.

Another reason why golfers use WD-40 to clean and remove rust from their clubs is because it is a common household item. Most golfers will have WD-40 already in the house which makes it a logical first step in golf club rust removal.

How To Clean Your Golf Clubs With WD-40

Cleaning and removing rust from your golf clubs with WD-40 is a simple and effective process. Gather the necessary materials: WD-40, paper towels or rags, and, if needed, a stronger rust-removing agent like CLR.

  1. Prepare for Cleaning:
    • Ensure you have WD-40, paper towels, or rags on hand for the cleaning process. If dealing with stubborn rust, have a stronger rust-removing agent like CLR available.
  2. Apply WD-40:
    • Directly spray or apply WD-40 onto the surface of the rusty area or the section of the club that requires cleaning. Ensure thorough coverage for optimal results.
  3. Allow Set-In Time:
    • Let the WD-40 set on the surface for 5-10 minutes. This allows the solution to penetrate and loosen the rust.
  4. Wipe Away Excess:
    • After the set-in time, use a paper towel or rag to wipe away the WD-40 and the loosened rust. Repeat this process as necessary until the desired level of cleanliness is achieved.
  5. Address Stubborn Rust:
    • If WD-40 alone is not sufficient to remove the rust, consider using a stronger agent like CLR. Alternatively, you can allow the WD-40 to set on the problematic area for an extended period before attempting to clean again.
  6. Repeat as Necessary:
    • For persistent rust or heavily soiled areas, repeat the process until the golf club is free of rust and grime.
  7. Final Inspection:
    • Inspect your golf clubs to ensure that all rust has been successfully removed, leaving your clubs in optimal condition.

Cleaning your golf clubs with WD-40 is a quick and convenient way to eliminate rust. Adjust the process based on the severity of rust, using a stronger agent when needed. With these steps, you can keep your golf clubs in excellent condition for improved performance on the course.

Can WD-40 Damage Golf Clubs During Cleaning?

While WD-40 is not the conventional choice for golf grip installation, some individuals have found it to be a viable substitute in a pinch.

Its lubricating properties can facilitate grip placement, but caution is necessary to avoid over-application, which may lead to a slippery surface. If using WD-40, a light and controlled spray can be effective.

However, it’s essential to recognize that specialized grip solvents are specifically designed for this task, offering optimal adhesion without the potential drawbacks of WD-40. Grip solvents evaporate quickly, leaving grips securely in place.

For consistent and worry-free installations, sticking to recommended grip solvents remains the preferred and reliable choice, ensuring the longevity of both the grips and the golf clubs.

What are WD-40 Alternatives For Club Rust Removal?

WD-40 is our favorite solution for rust removal because it is safe and effective on golf clubs. However, sometimes you may not have the option to use WD-40. Below is a list of ways to remove rust when you can’t use WD-40.

Final Thoughts

WD-40 can be an effective solution in removing rust and other blemishes from your golf clubs. The lubricating properties in WD-40 makes it perfect for removing rust clubs while still being gentle enough to not damage them.

While using WD-40 to clean your clubs is not necessary for normal cleanings, it can be an effective tool in your cleaning tool belt when rust starts to develop. Use the tips above to maximize cleaning your clubs with WD-40.

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