How to Choose the Right Golf Bag

Choosing the right golf bag mainly depends on the type of golfer you are. I’ve broken out the 4 different golfer types that will help you decide the perfect bag for you!

Here at we give our unbiased opinions based on years of real-life golfing experiences. We know that each golfer is unique and with that comes different needs for different golfers. Defining your golf style will help you make the best decision on what bag is right for you. Golf bags can be a pricey investment from $100+ to $1000, but if purchased correctly, they can be the perfect accessory to help you get through a round.    

Weekend Warrior

The Standing bag’s versatility is perfect for the casual weekend golfer.  

This group is for anyone who enjoys getting out, hanging with friends, and smelling the fresh air just as much as having a great round. Scoring your best is always important, but you know your chance to the hit it big on tour is slim to none. If this sounds like you, I have the perfect option. A standing bag is ideal for the casual yet serious golfer. It offers the best of both worlds for walking and riding. Its versatile design will allow you to have more than enough room to store all the essentials while still being light enough for the occasionally 9-hole walk. If this sounds like you, now you need to know what to look for in a standing bag.

You’ve decided to go with the classic standing bag but what should you be looking for? Not all standing bags are created equal, it’s the small things that really do make all the difference. Storage space, durability (especially in the legs and base,) strap support, and resistance to weather and staining are key components of what makes a bag great.

The Pro

The Tour Bag is perfect for the Pros but is a bag most of us should avoid unless you plan on making a cut or two in the near future.

That’s not to say these are bad bags, if fact, they are amazing bags that carry a hefty price tag. The main issue is they are incredibly heavy, hard to carry, and compared to other bags, really offer nothing more than slightly more storage and a different look. If you are lucky enough to have someone else to carry your bag or are member at a club who doesn’t need to worry about lugging their bag around, this could be the bag for you.

I personally think Tour Bags have a professional look and do give off the vibe that you have a shot at being the club champion.  If you like the look or don’t need to worry about lugging you bag around, go for it. Working at a county club for 10+ years, those who did have a tour bag almost always had another lighter bag for travel. I would recommend for those looking to upgrade to a new tour bag to hold on to their old bag.

What to look for in a Tour Bag? Honestly, this one is easy. Tour bags for nonprofessionals is all about aesthetics. Any major brand of tour bag is going to be high quality. My one tip would be to check the size of the bag. Some of the larger bags can be difficult to fit on to the cart making them pretty much un-usable.

Country Clubber:

For those who store their clubs at their home course and wouldn’t dream of walking 18, the cart bag is likely the best fit.

For those who store their clubs at their home course and wouldn’t dream of walking 18, the cart bag is likely the best fit. The cart bags offer ample storage, a professional look, and are made to fit perfectly in the back of a cart. Lugging this bag around can be a challenge but for those who never walk or take their bag home, it’s the perfect setup. The cart bag storage allows you to tuck away any accessories you would ever need on the course as well as offers larger club dividers to perfectly organize your sticks.

My bias for most golfers would be for their first purchase to be a standing bag, however, if you meet the criteria above you can’t go wrong with a cart bag. As with the tour bag, most golfers I know who had a cart bag also had a lighter bag they use for travel.

What to look for in a Cart Bag? Storage is the main perk with a cart bag so make sure to find a bag that fits your needs. The number and type of compartments vary between manufactures, so I always recommend trying to convert your current bag accessories and gadgets over to your new bag before purchasing.  Club dividers also vary between makers so checking to see how your clubs fit is a good idea. Lastly, there are so many options to choose from that you can find almost anything you could want. Novel features from insulated lining to keep your drinks cool to an ostrich leather exterior, there really is a bag to fit everyone’s needs.

The Exerciser

The Walking bag’s light weight and low profile is perfect for those who enjoy walking the course.

Although it may not seem like it, golf can be an excellent form of exercise if, done correctly. Walking 18 holes can easily burn over 500 calories so it’s no wonder why many people opt to carry their bag. If this is you or you’ve been thinking about starting to walk, there are two good options to get started. You can’t go wrong with a classic walking bag. Lightweight with a low profile, the walking bag is made for those who don’t mind taking a leisurely walk on the course. The second option is the standard standing bag for use in the pushcart. This is ideal for those who want to get the benefits of walking without having to lug around their clubs. For those who go the walking bag route, the weight of the bag is by far the most important feature

Choosing the right golf bag can seem like a daunting task, especially for beginners. Luckily, you really can’t go wrong with today’s bag options. My overall advice for anyone getting a new bag is to know what type of golfer you are and base your purchase on your golf style!  

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