3 Easy Ways To Remove Odors From Your Golf Bag

Over time our golf bags can take a lot of abuse both on and off the golf course. When golf bags are not properly taken care of, they can start to develop odors or absorb smells from their surroundings.

On the course, golf bags are exposed to wet weather, dirt and debris, and occasionally cigar and cigarette smoke. All of which can cause our bags to start to develop a funk.

Off the course, golf bag storage is the main culprit for smelly bags. Many golfers store their golf bags away in damp, dark spaces with limited air flow when they aren’t in use. Subjecting our bags to these types of environments can lead to them absorbing musty and moldy odors.

In the article below, we are going to cover all you need to know about removing odors and smells from your golf bag. Plus, we’ll cover to prevent golf bag odor in the future. We have a lot to cover so let’s get started.

3 Easy Ways To Remove Smells From Your Golf Bag

When it comes to removing smells from your golf bag there are a couple easy odor removing solutions. Before getting started, its important to empty all of the pockets of your bag. Remove all items from your golf bag pockets to eliminate the possibility that unfinished food, drink, damp clothes, or towels are causing the odor.

For most bags, there are multiple zipped pockets so make sure you don’t forget any. Unzip these pockets and remove any items that could be causing the smell. Afterwards, use the tips below to thoroughly clean out each pocket.

1.) Use Baking Soda To Remove The Smell

If you determine that the bag is just generally unclean and damp, then you should use baking soda to eradicate the smell. It may seem like a bizarre approach, but many people swear by it.

The process is as simple as pouring some baking soda into your golf bag and then leaving it to sit in there overnight. The baking soda will absorb the odors and hopefully remove them. In the morning, tip out the baking soda and give your bag a quick rundown with a sponge and warm water.

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2.) Use Vinegar To Eliminate Odors

If you don’t want to try the baking soda method, or you have tried it and it hasn’t worked, then the final thing worth trying is the vinegar method. This method involves a bucket of water, some white vinegar, and a brush.

To complete this method correctly, pour some warm water into a bucket. Soak a brush with the warm water and then lightly apply some white vinegar to the brush. Use this brush to then scrub your bag, particularly in areas where you think the odor might be coming from. Once you’ve finished scrubbing, leave the bag out to dry in the sun.

Alternatively, you can pour a diluted vinegar mixture into a spray bottle for more generalized cleaning. Vinegar to water ratio should be 1:3 parts. Similar to scrubbing with vinegar, be sure to let the bag out to dry after applying the vinegar solution.

Distilled Vinegar
Distilled Vinegar
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Distilled vinegar boasts exceptional odor neutralizing capabilities. Simply applying or soaking with distilled vinegar can swiftly counteract lingering smells, ensuring your golf bag is fresh, clean, and primed for your next round. Wave farewell to unwanted scents and keep your golf bag at its best with distilled vinegar. Your golf equipment should settle for nothing short of excellence!

3.) Use Odor Removing Products Such As Febreze

In addition to the methods above, you can always use one of the many odor removing cleaning products available today. There are deodorizing sprays, deodorizing pads, as well as powder.

Each of these options should remove any odor lingering on your golf bag. We would recommend Febreze or a pet odor remove as these products directly attack the odors instead of trying to mask them.

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What Causes A Golf Bag To Start Smelling?

The main reasons why golf bags start smelling can be boiled down to two factors. The first of which is the environment where you play and store your bag. The second is how you care for your golf bag along with your habits when using your bag.

Environmental Factors

In terms of environmental factors, dampness, moisture, and other external exposures are a big reason why golf bags start smelling. If you have been playing golf in rainy conditions, then your bag is going to naturally get very wet. This dampness can cause mold to grow on your bag, which in turn creates a foul odor.

Another environmental factor which has an impact on how your golf bag smells is the environment in which you store your bag when you’re not playing. If you leave it in an uninsulated garage or shed where conditions are typically damp, then the same sort of thing is going to happen to your bag.

Does your bag smell because of mold? Check out our article 4 Simple Ways To Clean Mold Off Your Golf Bag.

Golfer Habits

Your general behavior can also affect the smell of your bag. Habits such as smoking will obviously cause you bag to smell. Leaving unfinished drinks and food in your bag in between rounds is another sure sign of your bag developing odors.

Lastly, putting dirty golf club equipment in you bag can lead to unwanted smells. Be sure to clean off muddy golf balls and dry off a wet golf towel before storing it away. Following these simple tips above is the best way to prevent golf bag odors from developing.

How To Prevent Golf Bag Odor In The Future?

It’s always better to prevent a problem before it happens, instead of fixing issues once they happened. With that in mind, here are three tips to help prevent odors from occurring in the first place.

Keep Your Bag Stored In A Sensible Place

As we mentioned at the start of the piece, one of the biggest reasons why odors start to develop on your golf bag is down to storage. Choose a dry, warm area in your house for bag storage instead of a garage or shed (unless they are well insulated).

Additionally, if you have been playing golf on a wet day, then allow your bag time to dry in the sun before you put it away after a round.

Use A Waterproof Cover On Your Bag

A lot of golf bags on the market today are advertised as waterproof or water-resistant but that doesn’t mean you should forget the need for an additional waterproof cover. Not only will this help prevent dampness, but it will also protect your clubs from getting slippery on the grip.

Empty Your Bag’s Pockets After Each Round

Finally, ensure that you are cleaning out and emptying the pockets on your bag after each round. We have discussed unfinished food and drink and wet towels and clothing, but you also need to consider the fact that golf balls with mud on them can also cause an odor.

You might find it a pain to empty all of the pockets after each round, particularly if you are emptying items that are just going to go back in the next time you play. However, you will thank yourself in the long run when your bag is smelling nice and fresh.

Avoid Cigar and Cigarette Smoke Around Your Golf Bag

Finally, the best golf bag remedy for cigar and cigarette smells is prevention. If you choose to smoke, do so away from your bag. There are plenty of places on the course where you can have you smoke while not exposing your bag to second hand smoke.  

Final Thoughts

Nobody wants a smelly golf bag. Unfortunately, golf bag odors can develop over time based on our habits. Golfers need to stay diligent in their golf bag maintenance to prevent and remove these smells. Use the tips above to prevent and remove odors when they develop so you can enjoy your bag for years to come.

Sometimes it makes sense to upgrade bags when they start to smell or stop working properly.

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Hopefully you liked this article and found it informative. Check out our other blog posts if you liked this one!

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