5 Simple Ways To Keep Your Golf Shirt Tucked In

Golf attire on the course can be a bit subjective outside of wearing a polo and avoiding jeans. Besides that, golf does not have a universal set of rules.

What you should or should not wear mainly depends on the course. However, each individual golf course will likely have its own rules.

One of the most common rules outside of wearing a polo, is tucking your polo in.

While many golfers are fine tucking in their polo, some may face difficulty in terms of comfort and ability to keep their shirt tucked in for the duration of the round.

If this is a problem you are facing, you aren’t alone. Luckily for you, we have come up with five simple ways to keep your shirt tucked in during your round. Let’s take a look.

Do You Need To Tuck In Your Golf Shirt At The Course?

As mentioned above, the rules surrounding your golf shirt and whether it needs to be tucked in or not will depend on which course you are playing at.

Some public golf courses are super relaxed when it comes to the dress code and will let you wear pretty much anything you like. However, many private courses will stand by strict protocols including the need for your shirt to be tucked in at all times.

Other typical dress code rules that you are likely to see at private golf clubs are as follows:

You may find that once you are three or four holes in and away from the clubhouse you can untuck your shirt freely. However, this could result in a reprimand from the course should anyone spot and report you and nobody wants that.

Five Simple Ways To Keep Your Golf Shirt Tucked In

If you are somebody who struggles to get comfortable with having your shirt tucked in for 18 holes or find that it naturally untucks itself, then here are five ways to resolve the issue:

Buy A Larger Shirt

Next time you are in your local pro shop and are picking out new golf shirts, consider buying a size up from what you would usually buy.

First and foremost, this will provide you with more material to play with when it comes to tucking your shirt into your pants, which will make it more difficult for it to naturally untuck during your round.

Another benefit of buying a larger shirt is the comfort factor. If you have a baggier fit then you are giving your body more room to breathe, making it less likely that you are going to have a shirt stuck to you when the sweat kicks in halfway through the round.

Tighten Your Belt

This seems like an obvious one but you’ll be surprised at how many more notches on your belt you actually have to play with.

If your belt is loose, then it is likely that your shirt is going to become untucked every time you play a shot as your body comes up from the shot.

Having to go through the process of tucking it back in uses up unnecessary energy and by simply going a notch or two further on your belt you can eradicate the issue. If your belt is uncomfortable, then consider purchasing a new one either in a store or online.

If you don’t wear a belt to play golf and you struggle with a tucked shirt then it’s a no-brainer for you to start wearing one.

Lift Your Pants Up Higher

Nobody wants to look like Simon Cowell on a golf course but lifting your pants up higher to ensure your shirt is securely tucked in may well be the answer to your problems.

If lifting your current set of pants up makes them too short around the ankles then you are going to have to head out and purchase some new ones with a longer leg size but if it works then it will be a worthwhile investment.

Bear in mind that if you are purchasing larger pants than usual then a belt will become an ever-bigger necessity, however, this is something you should embrace.

Utilize Your Underwear

Don’t worry, we aren’t suggesting that you wear your underwear on the outside of your pants here but rather aim to tuck your shirt into them instead of simply just inside your pants. By tucking your shirt inside your underwear, you are essentially doubling up on the security (or even tripling up if you use a belt).

Unlike some of our other suggestions, this one won’t cost you any extra money so maybe this should be your first port of call if you are having trouble keeping your shirt tucked in for the entirety of your round.

Embrace The Untucked Look

If after trying the four methods above, it may well just be time to accept that you are just simply meant to be a golfer who plays in an untucked shirt.

If the rules at your club state that your shirt must be tucked in at all times then don’t worry too much, you are unlikely to receive any kind of backlash providing you follow all of the other rules respectfully.

Dress codes in golf are becoming more relaxed at professional level so it’s only natural that at amateur level players follow suit.

In fact, Rickie Fowler is renowned for playing on the PGA tour with an untucked shirt so if it’s good enough for him then it’s good enough for you and me.

Final Thoughts

Playing golf with a shirt that is half tucked in a half out can be frustrating and uncomfortable and little things like this can surprisingly really disrupt the flow of your game.

Golf is a sport that champions repetitive motions and if you are having to disrupt these motions by having to re-adjust your shirt every ten minutes that it can have a negative impact on your score.

We hope that by following our advice above that you will find a solution to your shirt issues and get back to feeling comfortable on the course.

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