4 Signs You Need New Golf Shoes (Plus How Long Golf Shoes Last)

If you have played a reasonable amount of golf, then you will know the importance of proper footwear. I recently purchased a new pair myself because my old golf shoes were becoming increasingly worn, less comfortable, and no longer gave me traction during my swing.

You’ve probably bought new golf shoes at some point, or maybe you are thinking of getting a new pair for the same reasons. This begs the question on what are the main signs that you need to invest in a fresh pair of golf shoes?

Golf shoes are pricey so it not an expense you want to incur often. Knowing the signs of when to upgrade are important so you do not buy a new pair when it’s not necessary.

In the article below, we are going to cover all you need to know about when to upgrade your golf shoes, the main signs it’s time to move on, and how long your golf shoes should last.

How Long Should Golf Shoes Last? (3 Main Factors)

First off, let’s look at how long a pair of golf shoes should last. Given the prices of a new pair, you may hope they last a very long time. However, golf shoe longevity depends on multiple factors.

There are varying factors that impact the longevity of how long golf shoes last. Factors such as how much golf you play, brand and quality of shoes, as well as conditions and weather all contribute to your golf shoe’s lifespan.

If you decide it is time for new golf shoes, check out our article on how to break in new golf shoes.

1.) How Frequent You Use Your Golf Shoes

How long your golf shoes last will largely depend on how much golf you play. For example, if you buy a new pair of golf shoes and play twice per year, then the very same golf shoes should still do the perfect job five, six, seven years into the future.

However, if you’re an avid player of the game, someone who gets out onto the course three times per week, then your shoes won’t stay in optimum condition for anywhere near as long. 

It is generally thought that golf shoes made by the top brands, e.g. FootJoy, Adidas, Puma, will last between two and three years if they’re used twice per week. If they’re used less often, then they’ll remain in good condition for longer, but regular players can expect to get a good two years out of such brands. 

2.) The Quality Of The Golf Shoe Brand

The better the quality of the golf shoe, the longer it will last. That’s relatively simple logic. The top golf brands tend to produce the best golf shoes. If you want something premium that will last longer than a cheaper alternative, then look for brands such as FootJoy, Adidas, or Puma, but be prepared to pay premium prices. 

3.) Weather Conditions While Using Your Shoes

If you’re lucky enough to live somewhere where the sun is always shining, then your golf shoes probably won’t come under any extra stress. If you live where the wind and the rain is commonplace, then you’ll likely be playing golf on wet and muddy ground. Playing in wet conditions can hamper a golf shoe’s ability to remain top notch, as it can become water damaged. Golf shoes that have been wet will also start to smell far more quickly than golf shoes that have been kept dry. 

Will Spikeless Golf Shoes Last Longer Than Traditional Shoes? 

Traditionally, golf shoes have featured spiked soles, meaning that a player avoids slipping and can maintain a strong stance. However, it’s a new age, and many of the modern shoes do not feature spikes.

Instead, they’re built using clever technology, which is supposed to perform the same as spikes. The newer styles certainly look more hip, and in some cases even look like fashionable sneakers, but are they more or less durable than the traditional spiked golf shoes? 

It’s hard to say, really, and it largely depends on the quality of the shoes. If you can go for one of the better brands, such as FootJoy, Puma, or Adidas, then there isn’t likely to be much difference in how long they last. 

4 Signs You Need New Golf Shoes

Fortunately, there are signs that it may be time to bin the old shoes and invest in a new pair. There are generally four signs that an upgrade is on order, and these are as follows:

1.) Loss Of Comfort

Comfort is everything. At the end of the day, if you’re not comfortable, or if your golf shoes are causing you irritation, then you’re not going to be focused on playing your best golf.

Maybe your golf shoes were comfortable, but over time, after excessive use, they’ve lost their comfort, and your feet are now either uncomfortable or in pain during a round. If that’s the case, then it’s time for a new pair. 

2.) Shoes Stop Providing Traction

After plenty of wearing, the soles of golf shoes can become incredibly worn, especially if you’re playing in the more up-to-date spineless shoes. Such models are designed to give the player plenty of grip, but over time, this grip deteriorates, and if left long enough, can cause slight slippages or a minor loss of balance. If you start to experience this, then new golf shoes are the way to go. 

3.) Clear Damage To The Shoes

Perhaps a more obvious sign is damage to your golf shoes, though they don’t have to have been in an explosion to warrant replacement. If your golf shoes are showing visible signs of wear, have been exposed to water/wet grass on a regular basis, have minor tears, holes, ripped heels, then it’s probably time to get rid.

4.) Soles No Longer Do Their Job 

This could mean that your spikes have worn down and are no longer effective, or if you’re a player that opts for spikeless golf shoes, perhaps the soles have worn right down and are no longer giving you the solid platform that they should.

Even if the soles of your golf shoes aren’t causing you to slip, they could be hampering your performance. Perhaps one sole has worn down more than the other, causing you to be very slightly off balance.

Even if there is no physical effect, you may feel less confident hitting a shot just because the shoes don’t give you the base that they once did. In this instance, opt for a new pair. 

What If Your Shoes Start To Smell?

Smelly shoes was going to make the list but here at Golf Gadget Review, we don’t like to waste money. Especially on expensive golf shoes that can be fixed. There is no reason to throw good golf shoes away just because they start to smell. Check out our article on how to remedy smelly shoes to learn more about removing odor from your golf shoes.

Final Thoughts 

At the end of the day, golf shoes are an expensive addition to your golfing armory, though they are a worthy one, as they act as the foundations from which to build your golf game. A strong stance is key and the right pair of golf shoes can help you to achieve that. 

If you are someone who does play lots of golf, and your budget allows, then why not try multiple pairs of golf shoes. This way you can alternate, meaning that each pair will last for twice as long, as they’ll be getting used only half of the time. 

If you’re serious about improving, as many amateurs are, then don’t ignore the signs that you need new golf shoes. And if your budget allows, go for one of the brands that produces the highest quality shoes. You’ll thank yourself later down the line. 

Hopefully you liked this article and found it informative. Check out our other blog posts if you liked this one!

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