Mark Up On Pro Shop Golf Gear (Insider Guide)

Buying golf gear at your local pro shop can cost a small fortune. Local pro shops can be expensive, but smart golfers know that they don’t have to break the bank when buying from their local golf professional. Golfers just need to know what to buy locally and when to buy it.

In the article below, we are going to cover all you need to know about shopping for golf gear at your local pro shop.

From typical mark-ups on your favorite golf gear to how to get the best price. We’ve got a lot to cover so let’s get started.

What Is the Mark Up On Golf Equipment?

As someone who worked in a pro shop for 10 years, I have the insider’s guide on all you need to know about pro shop purchases. Especially the markup on golf gear and equipment.

What Is The Mark Up On Golf Clubs At Local Pro Shops?

The mark up on golf clubs at a local golf shop is typically around 35 to 100 percent which is dependent on a couple different factors.

The size of the pro shop, the time of year you are buying, as well as the year, make, and model of the clubs. Buying clubs during peak season will always carry a hefty price tag, this is especially true at your local golf shop.

While buying during peak demand is a bad idea locally, waiting for end of season sales can get you golf equipment almost at cost.

We would suggest that golfers wait until the end of the season or buy last years model when buying local.

If you want the latest and greatest golf gear, a big box store probably will sell it for much cheaper.

What Is The Mark Up On Golf Gloves and Golf Balls At Local Golf Shops?

Buying golf supplies such as ball, gloves, or tees is usually comparable to buying online or another retailer. In some cases, you may notice a slight mark up but in general, buying these items at your local pro shop won’t break the bank.

Also, do not forget the convenience of buying local prior to your round. Maybe a box of balls cost $45 dollars online.

That same box may cost you $50 at your local pro shop but many would agree that extra $5, or 10% mark up, is worth the fee for convenience.

How Much Is Golf Apparel Marked Up At Local Pro Shops?

The mark up on apparel is the by far the highest. Apparel such as golf shirts and golf pants are typically marked up 50 to 100 percent.

This can be substantially higher than buying online or a big box golf store.

It is important to remember that buying from your local golf shop comes with some advantages. Did you shirt seam rip after two rounds?

Or maybe it shrank in the wash even though you followed the instructions. Just take it back.

Because of the high mark ups, local pro shops are very willing to replace and refund their purchases for consistent customers.

Another perk to some is the local pro shops usually have their course emblem embroidered on their clothes.

If you want to represent your golf club, the only way to do so is to buy from your local shop.

Should I Buy Golf Merchandise Online Or At My Local Pro Shop?

Buying golf equipment and accessories from your local pro shop can come with a lot of advantages. One of the main reasons you may pay more at your local golf shop is the quality and convenience of service.

We would always suggest buying local, when possible. Buying local supports your local pro shop and your community.

Getting golf gear from your local golf shop only costs a little more but that extra money can go a long way in promoting the prosperity of the course and the people it employs.

How To Get The Best Deals At Your Local Pro Shop?

There are a couple of ways to save when buying golf gear at your local golf shop. The main two ways to avoid overpaying are negotiating and waiting for sales.  

Looking to negotiate golf gear for a lower price? Look no further than shopping at your local golf club. Most local pros are willing to negotiate on prices, especially on large purchases.

If two shirts cost $60 each, ask if you can get them both for a flat $100 instead of

If you are truly looking to save as much as possible, avoid buying golf gear and apparel at the beginning of the season.

During peak golf season, golf gear will be priced at its highest. Wait for end of year sales if you’re looking to maximize savings.

What Not To Buy At Your Local Pro Shop?

There are certain items you do want to avoid purchasing at your local pro shop. Buying golf clubs locally can be a great idea if you want great service, but prices can often by much higher than buying online.

Expensive golf gadgets such as range finders or golf speakers are also best to avoid as these items rarely will go on sale.

Final Thoughts

Buying golf gear at your local pro shop does not need to break the bank. If you are someone who likes to be frugal when buying golf equipment, you just need to wait for the right time to buy.

End-of-year sales or negotiating big purchases are your best bet in getting the best deals. Buy local when you can to support your golf course and community. You will thank yourself in the long run!

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