Can Pro Golfers Use Headphones In Tournaments? (Answer May Surprise You)

Have you ever wondered why you don’t see professional golfers using headphones on tour? Headphones have become a fixture in today’s culture, so why don’t we see professional golfers using them in tournaments?

In the article below, we are going to cover why we don’t see professional golfers wearing headphones on tour. We’ll look at whether it is legal to use headphones in practice or tournament rounds and if players can listen to music on tour. We have a lot to cover so let’s jump in!

Do Professional Golfers Use Headphones In Tournaments?

The PGA is known for having strict rules. They have rules on dress code for players such as wearing polos and long pants. They also have rules on spectator behavior and what they can bring to events.

So given the above, what is the PGA’s policy on headphones? Surprisingly, professional golfers can use headphones in tournaments. However, headphones are only allowed under certain unique conditions.

Players can use headphones if the audio is unrelated to the competition and does not provide the player with any distinct advantages.

The USGA’s Use of Equipment (Rule 4.3) outlines the use of headphones and other non-golf equipment. Golfers in tournament play are prohibited from using any equipment that eliminates or reduces the skill needed for the game.

So, while this rule does not explicitly ban headphones, it does cause reason for caution. Golfers cannot use headphones to listen to music to calm their nerves or help them focus. This would violate the USGA rules.

This means that while headphones are allowed, their use is limited. If pros cannot gain any advantage from listening to headphones, there is no reason to wear them. Therefore, you do not see any professional golfers using headphones in tournaments.

Example Headphone Use

One example of professional golfers using headphones during their round is when they are being interviewed for the tournament broadcast. Headphones, such as Airpods, offer a convenient way for golfers to talk to the broadcasting crew during their round without the need for the camera crew to lug around audio equipment.

This communications offers no benefit to the golfer’s competitive advantage so its within the USGA and PGA guidelines. Plus, it allows fans to better interact with the players they love to watch.

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Can PGA Players Listen To Music During Their Round?

Now that we know that pro golfers can use headphones, what are the rules on music in general? Music has become more prevalent on local golf courses in recent years, but this has not been the case for professional tours.

Like the answer above, pro golfers can listen to music on tour if it doesn’t create a distinct advantage. This creates a gray area of rule interpretation that professional golfers chose not to deal with.

What Is The Penalty If A Golfer Uses Music or Headphones To Get An Advantage?

When a player chooses to listen to music, they need to be sure they are not getting an advantage by doing so. If a player uses headphones or music to gain an advantage on the course, they will be disqualified from the event. Given the severity of the penalty, virtually all pro golfers will keep their headphones and speaker in the bag.

Can PGA Players Wear Headphones During A Practice Round?

Practice rounds are different from tournament rounds. As covered above, PGA Tour players can wear headphones during real or practice round. The difference is that the USGA rules will not apply to a practice round.

Pro golfers won’t need to worry about if their headphones give them an advantage in a practice round. They can listen to calming music or play audio that helps them improve the swing tempo.  

However, most players will keep their headphones in the bag. Most pros will want to imitate a real round during their practice round to prepare for the tournament. This means almost all players will ditch their headphones for their practice rounds.

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Can Spectators Play Music At A PGA Tour Event?

We now know that there is no reason for pros to listen to music or audio during a tournament. However, spectators at a PGA event may also wonder about the PGA music policy for them.

Spectators are not allowed to play music at a PGA event. Check out our article on what can and can’t bring to a PGA event for a complete guide on attending PGA events.

Final Thoughts?

Headphones have become ubiquitous in today’s culture, but they’ve yet to make their way into professional golf. While the USGA rules do not explicitly ban headphones, they do severely limit their use in professional tournaments.

Now, this doesn’t mean that there isn’t a place for music on the golf course for amateurs. In recent years, playing music while golfing has become more popular. If you are looking to incorporate music in your next round, check out our article on ‘Top Bluetooth Golf Cart Speakers.’

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