Golf Spectator Etiquette (How To Act At PGA Event)

Heading to your first PGA Tour event? Or maybe it’s been a while since you last went to see the pros play. If so, you may be wondering how to act and what is appropriate to do while watching your favorite golfers play.

Most people understand golf etiquette when they are playing but going to watch a PGA Tour event presents a whole new set of rules to follow.  

PGA Tour events may have slightly different rules depending on the hosting course, but there are a handful of must know rules that all spectators should know.

In the article below, we are going to cover all you need to know proper spectator etiquette at a PGA Tour event.

What Is Proper Spectator Etiquette At A PGA Tour Event?

Golf is a game of tradition and respect. A PGA Tour event expects the same level of effort from its spectators. This means that PGA Tour events hold a high bar from its watchers.

The tour spectators to be courteous on the course and to be respectful to the players.

Now that’s a pretty broad statement on etiquette which many not be so helpful. Luckily for you, our team at Golf Gadget Review has been to multiple PGA Tour events.

Lets dig into some of the specific scenarios you may be wondering about.

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What is Proper Cell Phone Etiquette At A PGA Tour Event?  

Cell phones are allowed at PGA Tour events, but there are some unspoken rules about their use. Cell phone usages breaks out in two parts, picture taking and talking on the phone.

Taking Pictures At PGA Event

Taking pictures of the course and of your favorite players is completely fine and, quite frankly, encouraged. However, that doesn’t mean that spectators get a free pass to take every picture they would like.

Discretion is key when taking pictures. Be courteous of the golfers on the course and avoid distracting picture taking.

This means no flash photos and its best to avoid taking pictures during big shots or where you could distract the player.

A good rule of thumb is if taking your picture would lead to distracting the players, its best not to take the picture. Use your discretion and you will be fine taking snapping photos at the tournament.

Talking On The Phone

Taking calls at a PGA event is also acceptable, but within reason. Obviously, using a phone while in the vicinity of golfers is a no-no.

Keep you distance when using your cell phone to make calls and keep your voice at a moderate level. Follow those two tips and you’ll be find chatting with your friend while on the course.

Can I Play Music While At A PGA Tour Event?

Playing music at a PGA Tour event is not allowed. There may be exceptions at some tournaments, but it’s a safe bet to refrain from playing music on the course.

Can You Drink Alcohol At A PGA Tour Event?  

Drinking and golf go hand in hand. This is no exception when at a PGA Tour event. However, there is a fine line between drinking a couple beers and falling over drunk.

It’s important to remember that most PGA Tour events are hosted in warm weather. Heavy drinking in high heat and humidity can lead to over consumption and dehydration which can be a recipe for disaster.

Drinking alcohol can be a big reason for someone to attend a PGA Tour event. Just make sure to drink alcohol in moderation and you will have a great time watching while enjoying your favorite beverage.

Also, if you do decide to drink, be sure to have transportation ready when you decide to crack open that first beer.

Can You Smoke Or Vape At A PGA Tour Event?  

Smoking and vaping are allowed at most events, but this also requires discretion on the part of the smoker.

Be courteous of other non-smokers and find a spot away from crowded areas when smoking. Luckily for smokers, golf courses offer plenty of open space away from other spectators.

What To Wear To A PGA Tour Event?

Attending a PGA Tour event is a lot like playing golf when it comes to proper attire. A golf polo and nice pants or shorts are always a safe bet when it comes to dressing for a day of spectating.

Now this does not mean that you need to wear this attire to get into the event. Surprisingly, PGA Tour events have a relatively loose dress code.

It is common to see spectators wearing t-shirts and mess shorts at PGA Tour events. However, we would also recommend sticking to classic golf attire. Its part of the decorum of the game so why differ.

Can You Wear Jeans To A PGA Tour Event?

Jeans are acceptable but we would not recommend them for two reasons. First being that its not typical to see jeans on the golf course.

Many of the clubs that host PGA Tour events would not typically allow jeans during normal operations so why go against the grain.

Secondly, it gets hot at golf tournaments. Wearing jeans can become almost unbearable if you find yourself stuck in the sun.

Its best to leave the jeans at home and opt for more classic attire. You will thank us later.

Proper Etiquette When Players Are Hitting A Shot?

The most important time to be courteous is when a player is about to hit a shot. Whether the player is hitting a drive or tapping in a putt, it’s important to remain quite and still so you do not distract the player.

This means keeping the cell phone down for pictures, or at a minimum, be discrete about picture taking. This also means no yelling or talking on the phone. Certain players and their caddies have been known to throw out spectators for disturbing them during a shot so ignoring this rule could get you banned.

Are There Exceptions to These Etiquette Rules?

There are exceptions to the rules above. The Waste Management Tournament is a prime example of when most of these rules do not apply.

The Waste Management Tournament actually promotes fans to be rowdy. Loud cheers, heavy drinking, and chanting are trademarks of the tournament.

Having personally been at this event, I can vouch that this a tournament unlike any other and a must see for any golf fan.

Final Thoughts

Proper spectator etiquette at a PGA Tour event comes down to being courteous and kind to the players and others around you. It’s really that simple.

You don’t want to be the spectator that ends up in the news for causing a scene. Treat the people around you with the same respect that you would want to be treated with and you will have a great time!  

Hopefully you liked this article and found it informative. Check out our other blog posts if you liked this one!

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