6 Items You Need To Bring To A PGA Event (And What Not To Bring)

If you are an avid golf fan and a PGA tour event is coming to a golf course near you then it’s only natural that you are going to attend the event. After all, it’s not every day that you get the opportunity to watch the best golfers in the world play in person.

Once you have tickets, you are going to want to figure out what you are and aren’t allowed to take to the course with you. The last thing you want is to turn up at the course only to be turned away by security for having prohibited items with you. Today, we will be looking at what should (and shouldn’t) be in your bag when you go to a PGA golf tournament.

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What You Should Bring To A PGA Golf Tournament

There are a few items that we would classify as necessities when it comes to spending a day at a PGA golf tournament. Without these items, your day isn’t going to be as enjoyable as it could be so take note.


Golf is typically a sport that follows the sun all year round. While it can be played in the wind and the rain, tournament organizers and players favor the sun. With that in mind, it is more than likely going to be a sunny day when you attend a tournament so make sure to pack a bottle of sunscreen.


No one can predict the weather though, so it’s always worth bringing an umbrella just in case. An umbrella may also come in handy if the course you’re visiting doesn’t have much shade. Your umbrella will help protect you from the sun and reduce the risk of sunstroke.

A Collapsible Chair

If you’re planning on getting your money’s worth and spending a full day on the course, then it’s going to be a struggle without a chair.

Many people choose to set up base, on a particular hole for an hour or so before moving on to a different hole, while others move around the course all day with a certain group. If you are in the former category, then bring a collapsible chair and make yourself comfortable. Chair bags are prohibited, though, so bring your chair folded up and loose.

A Mobile Phone

Your mobile phone is going to be the only way for your to take photos and videos throughout the day as DLSR cameras and video cameras are both prohibited at PGA tour tournaments. Your phone will also come in handy if you lose any members of your party throughout the day. Golf courses are huge, it’s entirely possible.

The PGA tour does have a strict mobile device policy, which we will look at shortly.

Food And Drink

While they do sell food and drink at most PGA tournaments, it’s more cost-effective to bring your own. Ensure that your food is sealed in a clear, plastic bag otherwise, it won’t be allowed in. In terms of a drink, bring one in a reusable plastic cup or bottle.


The final item that should be packed when you head to a PGA golf tournament is a pair of binoculars. There are going to be times when you are a significant distance away from certain players (particularly on greens) so get out your binoculars and gain a closer look at the shot without having to move.

What You Aren’t Allowed To Bring To A PGA Golf Tournament

The PGA tour is quite specific and strict on what you aren’t allowed to bring to the course. Take a read of these prohibited items and make a note of anything that you didn’t previously know.


While the idea of taking a drone to a golf course is quite appealing due to the incredible footage you would get, these are banned from PGA tour events so don’t bother turning up with one.

Posters and Banners

Posters/banners have risen in popularity at sporting events in recent years but as it stands you aren’t allowed to bring them to golf courses for PGA tour events. The reason being some banners could be offensive or they could distract the players.

Additionally, any kind of sports memorabilia such as flags, balls and photos are also prohibited.

Electronics Including Radios, TVs, and Speakers

Don’t bring any of these items to a PGA tour event as the noise has the potential to put off the players.


This seems like an obvious one but don’t bring any firearms, knives, or anything else that would qualify as a weapon to a PGA tour tournament. If you do, the weapon will be taken from you and the authorities will be called.


In general, pets aren’t allowed to PGA events, with one exception. If you have a service dog then they are allowed in.

Bags Larger Than 6×6 Inches

Finally, ensure that the bag you bring to the course is no bigger than 6×6 inches. If you can’t fit everything you want in a big of this size then, unfortunately, you are going to have to leave some items at home.

PGA Tour Mobile Device Policy

The final thing to look at is the PGA tour’s mobile device policy. While you are allowed to bring your phone to a PGA tournament, there are some rules that you have to abide by if you don’t want your phone confiscated. These are as follows:

  • Your phone must be on silent at all times
  • Do not use flash at any point whatsoever
  • The content you have filmed or photographed must only be used for personal use
  • No live streaming
  • Phone calls are only allowed in designated areas.

Final Thoughts

To conclude, if you thought you could just turn up at a PGA tour tournament with anything you wanted then think again because there are some strict rules in place. By following the information in this article, though, we can guarantee you will have an enjoyable and rule-abiding day at the event.

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