5 Reasons Why Golf Pros Don’t Wear Sunglasses (Should You?)

If you find yourself tuning into the PGA Tour, you might notice an accessory missing from most player’s attire. Look hard enough and you will realize only a handful of professional golfers wear sunglasses.

Sunglasses seem like such a logical accessory on the course so why aren’t they more popular? Most golf rounds start mid to late morning and finish in the afternoon which are prime times for direct sunlight and sun glares.

We also know that tour players never miss an opportunity to bring on a sponsorship. Another logical reason to wear some sponsored shades. So why don’t we see more tour players wear sunglasses?

In the article below, we are going to cover all you need to know about golfing with sunglasses, why most pro golfers do not use them, and if you do choose to wear them, which to wear.

5 Reasons Why Golf Pros Don’t Wear Sunglasses

1.) Distorted View Of The Course

Golf is a game of angles and inches. Players need to be deliberate and precise in every swing and shot.    

The number one reason why pro players ditch sunglasses during their rounds is because sunglasses can distort a player’s view of the course.  

In particular, sunglasses can distort depth and angles when sizing up putts. Players that do wear sunglasses while playing almost always take them off prior to putting. Skilled putting requires attention to detail and sunglasses can be the difference between making and missing a putt.

2.) Ever Changing Light

Light on the golf course changes frequently. Moving from tee to green, players can see multiple changes in sunlight ranging from direct sun to full shade.

Playing with sunglasses with changing light can be a challenge. While taking sunglasses on and off every shot is not a huge undertaking, some players find it to be not worth the hassle.  

3.) Alternative Protection From Hat

Even though players typically do not do not wear sunglasses, that does not mean that players do not sun protection on the course. In fact, it can be a real issue, especially for early morning or late evening tee times.

So how do players protect themselves and their field of view from the sun? Anyone who watches pro golf should be able to answer this question right away. Pro players almost always wear a hat.

Apart from allowing more real estate for sponsorships, a golf hat offers ideal protection from the sun without impact a player’s ability to read and play the course.

4.) Keeping Them In Place

Yet another reason why players chose not to wear sunglasses is because it can be difficult to swing with them on. This is also the reason why you see few players wear glasses on tour. Most players on tour with prescription lens will opt to wear contacts over glasses as it provides limited restrictions in their swing.

5.) Keeping Sunglasses Clean

This admittedly is not the biggest factor on the list, but smudges and dirt build up are another reason when playing opt out of wearing sunglasses. While cleaning off your sunglasses is no monumental task, it does add an element of distraction on the course. For this reason, some players make the choice to go without sunglasses to avoid the hassle.

Our 3 Favorite Sunglasses For Golfing

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Considerations If You Do Golf With Sunglasses While Golfing

While it is true most professional golfers do not use sunglasses, there are a select few that do, and some of them are the best of the best. If you choose to play with sunglasses, you need to make sure that you have the appropriate tint and fit.

Proper Tint

Being able to see the true angles and depth of the course is a real concern when golfing with sunglasses. To avoid any miscues, a player needs to find a pair of shades that offer superior clarity and color contrast. Luckily for today’s golfer, there are options that provide these qualities at reasonable prices.  

Appropriate Fit

The next equally important factor is how your sunglasses fit. Swinging to a golf club is an athletic movement. Players need sunglasses that they can trust to stay on their faces without movement during their swing.

Proper positioning on your nose as well as a firm grip around your ears are essential for any pair of sunglasses. Be sure to try on any prospective sunglasses prior to purchasing to ensure they are a good fit.

Final Thoughts

Playing with sunglasses comes down to personal preference. Looking to the pros for guidance suggest that at a minimum, players should not put with sunglasses. Players lose too much detail in the subtitles of the putting green by doing so.

If you do opt to play with sunglasses, its important to choose the correct pair. Look for glasses that provide superior contrast and clarity as well as a firm fit.

Buying the correct pair of sunglasses will minimize their impact on your game while giving you much needed protection from the sun.

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