6 Reasons Why Retirees Like to Play Golf

Golf is a fun game for people of all ages and backgrounds. However, golf today has developed a reputation for being a sport for retirees or older individuals. So, why is it that retirees like to play golf so much?

Many retirees play golf for social interaction, to stay active, or just because it’s fun! Retirees also tend to have the time and the financial resources to play golf on a regular basis. Golf is in such high demand for senior living that it is common practice to build retirement communities around golf courses.

In the article below, we will cover into some of the specifics on why retirees like to play golf. We have a lot to cover so lets jump in!

1.) Retirees like to Socialize

Golf is the perfect sport for retirees to socialize. At its heart, golf is a social game. Both on and off the course. The golf course serves as a meeting ground to meet old and make new friends. It is common for golf course to hold different social leagues throughout the season.

Men’s and women’s groups are great ways to connect with fellow golfers while playing a sport you love. Golf tournaments also serve as a fun way to be social in a competitive setting. These social events continue off the course in the form of luncheons, dinners, and the very popular 19th hole beverage.

Being part of a golf club or league and playing in tournaments are a great way to connect with others, make new friends, and enjoy the game of golf.

2.) Golf is Great for Health

Anyone who has golfed knows how great golfing can be for your health. It is a great form of exercise, especially for those of retirement age. Golf offers a low impact way to stay in shape while having fun. Playing golf consistently can help you maintain your fitness, build endurance, and stay mentally sharp. In a previous article, we found out that the average person can expect to walk a minimum of 7.8K steps per round! That is some serious exercise!

Golfing can also help keep your mind sharp and improve mental acuity. As you get older, you rely more on your mental the game than physical. You become more strategic in your approach to leverage your strengths. Playing golf as you age keeps your mind sharp and body young.

Retirees that are active and social on the golf course can prevent stress, depression, and anxiety. Sometimes all you need is a little sunshine and the smell of fresh cut grass to recenter yourself. It’s no wonder why so many retired people golf!

3.) Golf is Expensive  

Retirees who planed properly for retirement typically have the finances required to play golf regularly. It is well known that golf can be an expensive game. From the clubs to the cost per round, playing golf can be a pricy habit. It makes sense that retirees are in the position to afford such a high-priced sport.

4.) Golf Requires a Lot of Time

The financial cost to golf is a clear hurdle for anyone that wants to play, but there is also a time cost component. Golfing 18 holes can be quite the commitment. The average round of golf is about 4 hours which is a significant opportunity cost for those still working. Retirees by their nature do not typically have work commitments to attend to and therefore typically have a lot more free time.

5.) Retirement Locations Are Perfect for Golf

For those retirees who move to retirement communities, its typical to have the community built around a golf course. Many of the locations desirable for the retired are in warmer locations which is perfect for year-round golf.  It’s no wonder why so many retirees golf when the course is conveniently located to their home with ideal weather.

6.) Golf Is Competitive

Golf can offer a competitive aspect for retiree’s looking for a challenge. Many golfers jump at the chance to compete. Golf is one of the few sports that allows older people to be competitive as they age. It’s not uncommon for golfers to play and compete into their 80s and 90s!

To even playing field, some tournaments will use a player’s handicap to adjust their score. A handicap is the amount over or under par a player shoots on average. By using handicap as an equalizer, each player gets judged on their round relative to how they typically play. This allows older golfers to compete with their younger counterparts. Whether its competing in tournaments or against yourself, golf is the perfect sport to test your perseverance.

Final Thoughts

It’s no wonder why retirees like to golf. The game has so much to offer to those who’s left the 9-5 grind. The social, mental, and health benefits covered above make golf an ideal sport for a retiree. Golf is an amazing sport for anyone, but it is the perfect game for the retired.

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