Taking Your Kids To The Driving Range (7 Must Know Tips)

Getting to the golf course can be tough with once you have kids. What parent has 5 hours on the weekend to waste on the golf course. Avid golfers with children may opt to go to the driving range as an alternative.

Going to the driving range is a great way to keep your game on point, but can you bring your kids to the driving range? Yes, you can bring your children to most driving ranges. This is dependent on the golf facility, but it is common for golfers to bring their little one along to get some practice.

The bigger question here is if its practical to bring your children along to the driving range. As a father of two and an avid golfer, I have some hands-on experience in this area. If you are in the same boat, I have some great insight on surviving the driving range with your kids.

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In the article below, I will outline all you need to know about bringing your kids to the driving range. If you want to try this, you need to prepare before going. There are a lot of details you will need to work through prior to heading to the range.

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1.) Stay Safe From Other Golfers And The Elements

Not surprisingly, the biggest concern of any parent at the driving range is the safety of their children. A driving range can be a dangerous place for young kids. The most obvious safety hazard is a stray golf ball or the occasional club flying out of sweaty hands. These are serious risks that need to be taken seriously. The most effective way to avoid this danger is distancing yourself from other patrons. Putting ample space between you and other golfers is the best way to prevent any mishaps.

Besides the flying objects mentioned above, there are some other risk factors to think about. Excess sun and heat can be equally as dangerous so make sure you come prepared. Apply sunscreen or use long sleeve clothes to avoid prolonged sun exposure. For toddlers, bringing a stroller along with a canopy to protect your little one while offering a space to store your extra gear.

2.) Always Come Prepared

Coming prepared to the driving range is also must do. Pack snacks, bring plenty of water to stay hydrated, and for young children, make sure that you have something to keep them entertained. Coming prepared with water, sunscreen, snacks, and shade is the best way to ensure longevity while at the driving range.

3.) Be Courteous To Other Golfers

Aside from you and your family’s needs, it is also important to be considerate of other golfers at the range. Golfers go to the range to practice their golf swing as well as to relax and have fun. Having young children running around screaming or an infant crying can be stressful and distracting to others at the range. Stay conscious of your children’s needs to prevent distracting outburst. This may be an adjustment at first but remember this is a new adventure for your child as well as for you. Take your time and slowly you will find out what works best for you and your children.

4.) Timing Is Key

This may be self-evident, but timing is everything when taking your children to the range. Pick a time of the day or week when you know the driving range is not going to be busy. Avoid going to the range during tournament weekends and special events. Being able to isolate yourself from other golfers during less busy times will allow you to focus on your family and not worry about other golfers practicing.

5.) Dress Attire May Matter

Driving range dress codes vary by establishment, however, public driving ranges typically have laxed rules for attire. That said, it is important that you and your children follow golf etiquette and wear appropriate clothing. No open toe sandals or muscle shirts should be worn to the driving range. Be sure to reach out to your local driving range prior to heading out.

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6.) Different Ages Have Different Abilities

Taking an 18-month-old to the range is very different than taking a 9-year-old. Be sure to keep your engagement with your children at the appropriate level. Older children at the range can be relatively self-sufficient whereas younger children will need significantly more attention.

For older children, teach them as much as they want to learn. Let the younger kids focus on having fun while starting to explore the game. Exposing your kids to golf at any age will allow them to start their golfing journey as they see fit.

7.) Don’t Forget To Have Fun!

Most importantly, make sure that you and your kids have fun! Golfing and family are two of the best parts of life so don’t let the stress or anxiety of going to the range distract you from why you went there in the first place. Enjoy the time with your little one and make memories that will last a lifetime.

Final Thoughts

Introducing your children to golf at any age gets them interested in the sport and can a great way to make memories with your children. Maintaining your golfing hobby with children can be an adjustment but you can always find ways to fit in the activities you love. Enjoy the time on the range with your little one and make memories that will last a lifetime.

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