How Much Does It Cost To Bring Golf Clubs On Sun Country Airlines?

Traveling with golf clubs might be difficult if you don’t plan in advance. Savvy golfers know that the best travel experience comes from planning ahead of time. Yet, understanding what to do when traveling with a golf bag is not always obvious.

While traveling with golf clubs, it might be tough to know what you can and cannot do due to the always changing rules and regulations. We’ve done the research for you, so you don’t have to!

In the following article, we will go over everything you need to know about flying with golf equipment on Sun Country Airlines. Everything from how much it costs to what you can and cannot carry in your suitcase is covered. We have a lot to cover so let’s get started!

Do You Pay To Fly With Golf Clubs On Sun Country Airlines?

When you are flying with Sun Country Airlines, you will need to pay to bring your golf clubs on your trip. Sun Country Airlines does allow every passenger one free carry-on personal item, but this cannot be used for golf clubs.

Golfers flying Sun Country Airlines will need to buy a checked bag. Costs per bag can vary significantly based on where and how you buy it. For the best rates, golfers should book their checked golf bag when reserving their flight on Sun Country Airline’s website or mobile app.

It’s also important to remember there are weight and size restrictions on your golf clubs. If your golf bag exceeds the maximum size (62in) and weight requirements (50lbs), then you are going to have to pay additional fees to get it on board.

Overweight golf clubs will incur additional charges. (Details on weight and length restrictions are listed below.)

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How Much Does It Cost To Fly Golf Clubs on Sun Country Airlines?

The cost of flying golf clubs on Sun Country Airlines varies based on how you book, when you book, and your destination.

Golfers flying Sun Country Airlines can expect to pay around $50 per checked bag when the checked golf bag is bought during the flight reservation.

Booking your checked bag at check-in or over the phone will cost significantly more. Golfers can expect to pay almost double the price for their checked bag if they buy it at the airport or with customer service.

Checking additional luggage will also increase the cost of the booking. Each additional checked bag will cost around $20 more than the previously checked bag.

It’s important to remember these prices are for each direction of the flight. If you are making a round trip, then these prices are going to double for the overall cost of the trip.

Do Golf Clubs Count As A Checked Bag On Sun Country Airlines?

Yes, golf clubs do count as a checked bag on Sun Country Airlines, provided they are contained within a golf bag. This means they are subjected to the same rules and regulations as a standard suitcase.

However, Sun Country tickets do not come with a free checked bag so there is no substituting personal luggage for a golf bag.

On Sun Country Airlines, their guidelines state that all checked bags shouldn’t exceed 50lbs in weight and 62 linear inches.

If your golf bag doesn’t meet these regulations, then you will incur additional charges or be forced to leave your clubs at home. Make sure to measure and weigh your fully loaded bag before heading to the airport!

Does Sun Country Airlines Count Golf Clubs As Baggage?

Sun Country Airlines do class golf clubs as baggage; however, they will only ever count them as checked baggage rather than cabin baggage. This means that you can’t bring your golf clubs on board the flight with you. Your clubs will have to go in the plane’s cargo hold alongside other suitcases.

Are Their Weight Limits For A Checked Golf Bag on Frontier?

On Sun Country Airlines, the weight limit for a checked golf bag is 50 pounds and the length limit is 62 inches. These checked golf bag limits are the same as the weight limits that apply to normal suitcases. To ensure that your golf bag is going to meet these weight requirements it is worth weighing them a few days before heading to the airport.

Golf bags weighing between 41-50 pounds will be charged $50 per bag, for each direction of the flight. Bags weighing between 51-100 pounds will be charged $100 per bag, per direction. Golf bags weighing in excess of 100 pounds or exceeding 110 linear inches will not be accepted.

If you find that your golf bag weighs more than 40 lbs then you can get to work at reducing this weight. Empty out the pockets and remove any pens, scorecards, excess balls, tees, and clothes that aren’t essential. If the weight is still an issue, you may have to consider leaving a club or two at home, but it should never come to this with 40 lbs to play with.

What Do Other Airlines Charge To Fly With Golf Clubs?

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Final Thoughts

Traveling with golf clubs can be difficult but it doesn’t need to be. Follow the tips above to make sure your next flight with golf clubs on Sun Country Airlines is seamless.

Hopefully, you liked this article and found it informative. Check out our other blog posts if you liked this one!

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