Do Golf Clubs Go On Sale? (Surprising Answer)

Anyone who plays golf knows that it can be an expensive game. Maybe, you’ve thought about getting new clubs, but the price tag is just too much. What if there was a way to upgrade your bag without breaking the bank? Just because your game might be a little rusty does not mean that your clubs need to be too.

Maybe your club’s grooves don’t look fresh, the shafts aren’t right, or maybe the whole set is so old that you’re surprised they haven’t fallen apart yet. If this sounds like you, it may be time to upgrade your golf clubs. Nowadays you will need a healthy budget if you want the latest and greatest golf gear. This means that many amateurs are priced out of getting themselves some high-quality clubs. 

However, all is not lost. There are ways around those eye-opening prices, golfers can hunt for bargains. Golf clubs go on sale at various times throughout the year. In the article below, we will look at when golf clubs typically go on sale. Plus we will cover where we can lay our hands on a new set of clubs at budget-friendly prices. 

What Time Of Year Do Golf Clubs Usually Go On Sale? 

Thanks to the ever-developing world of online shopping, you can find golf clubs on sale at just about any time of year. Simply go online and type in something like “golf sale” and there will always be a few options. However, if you are looking for recent models to drop in price, then you will need to wait until late winter or early spring. This is when retailers will start to cut the price of clubs that are no longer the newest model in a brand’s line. 

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For serious amateur golfers, this is not a problem. Their dedication to the sport is not dependent on the season. However, for many amateurs, their interest in the game is seasonal. This means they are not thinking about the game and golf gear until summer rolls around. Once golf hits its peak, it is too late to find the best of last year’s models at bargain prices. 

What Type Of Clubs Go On Sale? 

All types of golf clubs go on sale. Sales of golf clubs are mainly related to how well the club is selling. It also depends on the number of clubs in stock and the time of year. If retailers have any of last season’s stock left or an overabundance of this year’s model, which they often do, then you will find those clubs selling at a discount to other brands. From drivers to five kinds of wood, putters to pitching wedges, if you wait until later winter or early spring, you should be able to get those new clubs in the bag at bargain prices.

Lucky for you, this rule does not only apply to just clubs. It is common practice for retailers to cut the price of golf clothing released during the previous year, while gloves, shoes, and accessories, such as hats, tees, ball cleaners can all often be bought on the cheap too. 

Best Time To Buy Last Year’s Models?

Golfers on the lookout for last year’s models at slashed prices can find great deals when winter hits and golf courses become less frequented. As less golf is played and big brands are starting to roll out new models ahead of the next busy spring and summer season, retailers will be selling the previous season’s cubs for less, and in some cases a lot less. This is the ideal time for those golfers who want to pick up quality clubs without paying top prices. Sure, it won’t be the newest stuff, but it will still be high-quality, and you’ll still look the part. 

Drawbacks Of Bargain Prices? 

There are a few drawbacks to purchasing golf clubs at bargain prices. Firstly, you should always question why something is cheap, or cheaper than it was. There are a few answers to this question. In some cases, the new models have been released, and thus, older models can no longer command such a high price. On the other hand, it may be because a particular golf club is not selling very well or those who have tried it have given it bad reviews. This is something to be conscious of prior to buying discounted clubs, especially if they are not eligible for return.  

You should check the reviews of those clubs that are now being offered at cut prices. Thankfully, there is a plethora of information online. It isn’t hard to find what people have said about certain clubs. Check out video reviews on YouTube or golf forums to find out if there are reasons why a certain club is being reduced significantly in price. 

Should I Purchase Used Golf Clubs? 

In a world where price increases now seem never ending, more and more golfers are turning to used clubs, which can be a great way to get your hands on high-quality gear without having to pay top dollar. For many people, used items are a bit of a turn off, but they can be a great budget friendly option.

When it comes to golf clubs, does it matter if somebody has hit them before? As long as the quality remains and there are no visible deficiencies, then the answer should be not. Let’s say you want to get your hands on a set of Ping irons. Maybe you tried some at your local pro shop, or perhaps a buddy let you hit a few shots with his set during your last round. They felt great and you want in, but the price of a new set is holding you back. Shopping for a used set, provided that the clubs are in good condition, is the perfect way to get what you need without breaking the bank. 

Worst Time To Buy Golf Clubs? 

Is there a time of year when golf clubs should not be bought? Well, this depends both on whether you are a golfer who plays the game year-round and if you have a strict budget. If you are not working with a limited budget, there is no reason you cannot upgrade when the newest models hit the shelves. New releases of clubs are priced at their peak at the beginning of each golfing season in early spring. Casual golfers should wait until the offseason to upgrade their dated golf gear. That way they can take advantage of the reductions on last year’s best equipment. 

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