Are Black Golf Balls Easy To See?

If you are struggling to spot traditional white golf balls, it might be worth getting on board the black golf ball bandwagon.

Black golf balls are easy to see on a golf course because black golf balls will stand out against the green backdrop of the course. Not to mention, they are pretty stylish too!

In the article below, we are going to cover all you need to know about playing black golf balls. We will look at the benefits of using black golf balls as well as why we don’t see professionals using them on tour. We have a lot to cover so let’s jump in!

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When Would A Golfer Use A Black Golf Ball?

Tracking and spotting golf balls is a real issue during a round of golf. Some golfers struggle to track their ball’s flight after hitting it.

This is particularly the case on cloudy days where white balls can blend into the grey skyline.

Visibility can also be an issue on very sunny days. Many golfers wear hats and, in some cases, sunglasses to help track their ball, but sometimes it’s not enough.

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Playing a black golf ball will help players better track their golf balls while in flight. It will also help them locate their golf ball once they settle on the ground.

If you play with a black golf ball, then you aren’t going to struggle to track your ball’s flight in most golf conditions because black contrasts well against sky blue and grey.

You may only struggle if you decide to play on a day with dark rainclouds. However, why would want to do that?!

The second instance is spotting your ball on the course within the grass. While most players should be able to spot their ball easily on fairways and greens regardless of the ball’s color, it can sometimes be difficult to spot them in thick, rough.

Black is a ball that is easy to spot in rough grass as it stands out well against yellow and green.

Why Would A Golfer Use A Black Golf Ball?

There are several reasons why some golfers use black balls, including visibility and style. Let’s take a deeper look.


As already mentioned, black is the color that absorbs the most light. This makes black golf balls a fantastic choice if you are looking to reduce the number of lost balls.

Many older golfers who have poorer eyesight often use fluorescent golf balls for the same reason.

However, with big brands such as Volvik and Vice now producing black golf balls, these golfers are now opting for black instead.

It will stand out in the rough, as well as on greens and fairways, and is easy to track through the air.

Another scenario where golfers may want a black golf ball is playing golf in the winter. Black golf balls are ideal for any diehard golfers who don’t mind playing in the cold.

A black golf ball will stand out in snowing conditions whereas a white ball would blend in.


Black is a sophisticated and timeless color that has always been a go-to for those looking to make a fashion statement.

With golfers becoming more and more expressive with their fashion sense, it’s not a surprise that colored golf balls are becoming more and more prominent on courses.

If you’re looking to stand out from the crowd, then buy a pack of black golf balls and take them with you for your next round.

However, make sure you play well because you’ll be open to teasing if you don’t!

Why Don’t Professional Players Use Black Golf Balls?

Professional golfers don’t use black golf balls for several reasons. The first reason relates to the fact that visibility isn’t a concern for professional golfers.

There are golf ball spotters at PGA tour events whose sole responsibility is to mark errant shots.

Aside from spotters, there are thousands of spectators watching every shot. The chances of a pro golfer losing their ball are very slim.

Secondly, many professional players are bound by sponsors. The clothes they wear, the clubs they use, and the balls they hit are all determined by which brand sponsors them.

Therefore, they will often just use the balls that are given to them which are nearly always white. Bubba Watson has been known to use colored golf balls, but even he has never used a black one.

Finally, as golf is a sport built on tradition and values from the past, most players just stick to what’s gone before them.

As white has always been the most prominent golf ball color, it’s just easier to follow suit rather than try something different.

Final Thoughts

Black golf balls are anything but traditional, but they do offer some distinct advantages over white golf balls.

They are ideal for playing golf in snowy conditions or can be a style statement for golfers looking for something different on the course.

If you are looking for something different, we would recommend trying a black golf ball next time you play. It’s a fun and novel golf ball color that is sure to make a statement and should help prevent losing balls.

Hopefully, you liked this article and found it informative. Check out our other blog posts if you liked this one!

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