5 Easy Ways To Stop Your Golf Bag From Fading

Are you starting to notice that every golf bag you buy starts to fade halfway into the season? You may think this is normal until you get on to the course and see that everyone else’s bag looks brand new.

If you’re looking for ways to stop your golf bag from fading, then you’ve come to the right place. Golf bags fading is common, but there are steps you can take to protect your bag.

Today, we are going to be looking at five key methods available to you when it comes to keeping your golf bag looking as good as new for as long as possible. First, though, it’s important to recognize why golf bags do naturally fade.

Why Do Golf Bags Fade?

The main reason why golf bags fade is all to do with sunlight. If you play golf in predominantly sunny areas, then you are more likely to experience fading issues when it comes to your bags.

The reason behind this is to do with ultraviolet rays from the sun which break down the chemical bonds in certain fabrics.

Golf bags are predominantly made out of nylon, leather, or canvas. All of these materials are susceptible to fading when overly exposed to sunlight.

Additionally, most golf bags will feature some kind of branding which is dyed into the fabric. Sunlight will also cause this dye to fade as will excessive water.

As a result, waterproof bags may well offer you better protection from fading, but more on that later.

At this point, you probably recognize that weather is far and beyond the main reason for golf bags fading.

Knowing that prolonged weather exposure is the main culprit of fading means there is no quick fix to protect your bag.

Proper care and maintenance overtime is the best way to protect your bag from fading and other damage.   

Five Easy Ways To Stop Your Golf Bag From Fading

If you haven’t been put off by the idea of no quick fix, then I’m sure you’re ready to hear about our tips for fade prevention. So, without further ado, here they are –

1.) Clean Your Bag Regularly

The best way to stop your golf bag from fading is to simply accept that unless you play exclusively on cloudy, dry days then your bag is going to fade throughout your round. Forget about it while you’re playing but when you return home from your round get to work on cleaning the bag right away.

To efficiently clean your golf bag, please follow these steps:

  1. Empty your clubs out of your golf bag and keep them in a dry place.
  2. Blast your golf bag with a hose pipe, ensuring that it is completely covered in water.
  3. Get a clean cloth and scrub it thoroughly with fabric-friendly cleaner. Try to avoid standard soap as that could make the issue even worse. The majority of these soaps have harmful chemicals that will cause your bag to fade even more.
  4. Once the bag has been thoroughly cleaned with the fabric-friendly cleaner, get the hosepipe again and rinse it down.
  5. Leave the bag to dry away from sunlight and then admire your new, glistening golf bag once it has finished drying.

2.) Store The Bag In A Sensible Place

Another good way to keep on top of fading golf bags is to make sure you store your bag in a sensible place.

Avoid non-climate controlled storage such as outdoors or in your car, when possible. Additionally, leaving it in a damp place like an old garden shed isn’t a good idea either as the moisture will start to cause fading over time as will dust.

The best place for you to store your golf bag is actually inside your house in a room away from sunlight. If you have a garage that is maintained, then even better!

3.) Avoid Prolonged Exposure To Sun And Moisture On The Course

Although we said earlier that it is best to ignore the issue while you’re on the course, if you are playing on a day where the UV rating is particularly high or on a day where the rain is persistent and torrential (what are you thinking?!) then there are some things that you might want to do.

If you’re playing on a high UV day, make sure that you place your golf bag in the shade wherever possible. Most courses will have plenty of tree coverage down the fairways so this should be possible for most shots.

If you’re playing on a day with heavy rain and you insist on completing the round, then bring a waterproof bag. Failing that, bring an umbrella and keep the bag as protected from the rain as humanly possible.

4.) Bag Color Matters

When it comes to picking out a golf bag, you need to consider the color for more than just aesthetic reasons. Certain colors will fade quicker than others due to their wavelengths and responses to UV lights.

You should avoid red colors at all costs if you are bothered about fading because red dye fades quicker than any other color in UV light.

The best colors to pick for your golf bag from a fading perspective are black, blue and purple. These colors take longer to fade. This means you will get more use out of your bag before it’s time to buy a new one.

5.) Know When To Upgrade Your Bag

No golf bag is going to last forever in terms of fading and other wear and tear. On average, a golf bag should last between 4-6 years if you are a regular golfer.

After this period of time, your bag will certainly look old and faded when compared to newer bags so head down to your local golf shop and pick a new one out. Remember, avoid red!

 Final Thoughts

To summarize, there are certainly ways in which you can prevent your golf bag from fading over time.

However, you are going to have to make a conscious effort to stop the fading process because there are no quick fixes.

By following our advice in this article, we are confident that you will be able to keep your bag looking brand new for as long as possible.

Hopefully you liked this article and found it informative. Check out our other blog posts if you liked this one!

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