How Much Should A Beginner Spend On Golf Clubs?

Knowing where to start on your golfing journey can be confusing and overwhelming. New golfers need to buy golf balls, golf clothes, and most important of all, golf clubs. Where do you even start when it comes to buying your first set of clubs? Do you buy new or used, buy a full set or build your own? Even the most enthused new golfer can get quickly overwhelmed with all these decisions. Fortunately, there are tons of options for all types of beginners. The right set of golf clubs is out there waiting for you.

Finding the right set of clubs is critical to starting your game off strong. Almost as important as finding the perfect set is getting those clubs at the right price. That begs the question of what should a beginner spend on their first set of clubs?

Golf club prices can range anywhere from $250 to $2,500+ for a full set. If you are unsure if golf will be a long-term hobby or if budget is a real concern, it may make sense to scout out yard sales or ask friends for old sets. If you are committed to starting the game, new golfers should expect to pay around ~$300 – $800 for a dependable starter set. This amount holds true for all types of golfers including righties and lefty as well as men’s and women’s sets.

Should A Beginner Buy A Set or Build Their Own Bag?

There are many options when buying your first set. You can build your own bag or get a complete set. The best option for you depends on your budget. For most new golfers, buying a complete set is a great affordable option to get started playing the game.

Buying a beginners set is a one stop shop to starting your golfing journey. These sets typically come with 14 clubs, from putter to driver and all the clubs in between. They also typically come with a bag which is a big money saver.

Going with a stock set does come with its limitations. Beginner golf sets will be stock clubs designed for the average golfer frame. If you are tall or short, you may need to specifically look for beginners’ clubs that fit your height.

Building your own set is a great option if you have a larger budget or unique body frame. If you chose to go this route, it may also make sense to get these new clubs fitted. If you are interested in learning more about getting fitted as a new golfer, check out our article “Should A Beginner Get Fitted For Golf Clubs?”

Should A Beginner Buy New Or Used Clubs?

Buying used or new is another question you need to answer on your search. New clubs will offer the latest technology and will have longevity on the course. Used clubs offer great value to recent club innovations at a fraction of the new sticker tag price.

Which should you pick between new and used? I would suggest any new golfer looking to buy their first set should go with a new complete 14 club set. The consistency of the same club design, shaft flex, and feel will allow you to quickly pick up the game. If you decide to purchase used clubs, be sure to understand if any modifications had been made to the clubs. You will want to have standard version used clubs unless you need customized clubs to fit your build.

What Type Of Irons Should A Beginner Buy In Their First Set?

When you buy a new set of golf clubs, you are primarily buying irons. Of course, new 14 club sets come complete with putter and woods, but 10 of the 14 clubs you are purchasing will be irons. This raises an important question, what style of irons should a beginner buy?

New golfers should always purchase cavity back irons over muscle back or blades. Cavity back irons offer the most forgiveness of any club design meaning you don’t need to be as accurate in your swing. New golfers should save the muscle back or blades for the pros. Cavity back irons are perfect for the new golfer.  

Do Expensive Clubs Lead To Better Scores?

New golfers may think that expensive clubs lead to lower scores. While this isn’t necessarily incorrect, the brand and cost of your golf clubs may not have as big of an impact as you would think. Even lower priced, budget friendly golf club sets have quality design and can lead to great scores.

More expensive club may give you greater forgiveness or more distance, but the difference between these sets will only be seen in above average golfers. If you’ve played a couple rounds and are struggling, it may be best to go with a lower price set then invest in lessons. Learning the proper foundations of the game will take you much farther than investing in an expensive set of clubs.

How Long Will Your Beginners Golf Set Last?

You did the research and finally found the golf clubs for you. You made the upfront investment in your game but how long will this purchase last? Luckily for you, even the low budget golf sets should last a minimum of 5 years. Taking care of your clubs with proper storage and avoiding hard surfaces when swinging can prolong your club’s life even further.

Final Thoughts

Finding the right set of beginner clubs is easier than you think. Luckily for new golfers, there are tons of options for every budget. No matter what clubs you choose, getting started playing the game is the most important step to take. New or used, a complete set or building your own, you really can’t go wrong with any choice. Once you get your new clubs be sure to be patient and practice as much as you can. Soon enough you will be glad you invested in your new set of golf clubs.

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