How Many Par 5 Holes On A Golf Course? (Surprising Answer!)

Par 5s are often the most difficult holes on a golf course. The par 5s on a course are typically over 450 yards, and many contain numerous hazards surrounding them.

Given how difficult par 5s can be, golfers may wonder how many par 5s are on the typical golf course and who decides how many are built in their design.

In the article below, we are going to cover all you need to know about the number of par 5s on a golf course. We have a lot to cover so let’s get started!

What Defines A Par 5 Hole?

Par 5s are typically longer in length, and they can be challenging for golfers of all skill levels. The average length of a par 5 hole is around 450-550 yards, but some can be much longer.

While rare, for longer and more difficult holes, some golf course designers will designate a hole to be a par 6. Check out our article on are there any par 6s for a complete overview.  

How Many Par 5 Holes On A Golf Course?

Most golf courses have between four par 5s. However, there are no rules requiring a certain number of par 5s on a course. You will find that even the most elite, professional courses can deviate from this par 5 norm.

Some courses may have as few as two par 5s. Others may have as many as seven or eight. The number of par 5s is usually decided by three simple factors course layout, architects style, and the course terrain.

As the number of par 5s varies, so does the par of the course. Check out our article here on if every golf course must have a par of 72.

What Decides The Number Of Par 5s On The Course?

The number of par 5s on a course is dependent on the 3 factors outlined above. The first and most important factor is the layout of the course. If a course is constrained by the amount of land available, you will often see the design of these courses having shorter holes, resulting in fewer par 5s.

Another factor is the style of the architect. Some designers may opt to challenge golfers with hazards or green difficulty instead of the length of a shot. Finding the appropriate combination of length and difficulty is what makes the best courses challenging yet fun.

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Lastly, the terrain of a golf course can affect the number of par 5s in its design. Courses built on a challenging landscape may have to alter their length to fit into their surroundings. Courses built in mountainous terrain or near water features may need to be modified to blend in with the landscape.

Architects need to balance all the above factors when considering the number of par 5s on a course. From the slope and layout of the fairway, the position of the greens, and the terrain, to the presence of hazards along with the length of the hole.

What Strategy Should Golfers Use To Play Par 5s?

Now that we know that golfers can expect to play four par 5s during their round, we need to look at the strategy they should use to conquer par 5s next time they tee it up.

Par 5s are the most difficult holes beginners to master due to their length. However, for golfer’s who have developed their game, par 5s can be an opportunity to score low with a birdie or even an eagle! Play your cards right, and you will soon find the par 5s may be your favorite holes when playing.

The strategy for par 5s is really no different from the approach taken on par 3s or par 4s. Golfer need to stay out of the hazards and remain on the fairway and greens, even when this means sacrificing distance.

Golfers may be tempted to use driver, woods, or long irons to hit the ball as far as they can. However, this can be a big mistake. In some cases this may make sense, but it is important to remember to never sacrifice distance for accuracy, even when the hole is a long par 5. Play smart and you will be rewarded.

Final Thoughts

The number of par 5 holes on a golf course can vary depending on the length and layout of the course. While most courses have between four and six par 5 holes, some may have fewer or more. Understanding the par rating of each hole can help you plan your strategy and improve your game.

So, the next time you hit the links, keep an eye out for those par 5 holes and see if you can conquer them with fewer strokes than the expected expert golfer.

If you’re planning a round of golf and want to know how many par 5 holes you’ll be facing, it’s a good idea to check out the course map or scorecard in advance. This will give you a better idea of what to expect on the course and help you plan your strategy.

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