Does Putting Car Wax On Your Driver Face Really Work?

Every golfer is looking for ways to improve their game. Golfers who are desperate enough for quick results may resort to questionable tricks and tips fora quick fix.

Applying car wax to the face of a driver has long been rumored to help golfers off the tee. Some golfers swear that car wax and other petroleum-based products hold the key to hitting the ball longer while straightening out your shot.

In the article below, we are going to cover what you need to know about using car wax on your driver to hit it straight. We will look at how car wax impacts your ball trajectory as well as discuss if it is legal to do so. We have a lot to cover so let’s jump in!

Can Car Wax On Your Driver Face Help Your Swing?

Many golfers want to play a ball that can be spun around the greens. However, a high spin ball will also spin off the driver’s head. Mishits at impact will cause unwanted spin that can lead to snap hooks and slices.

Applying car wax or similar oil-based products (sunscreen, ChapStick, Vaseline) on the driver’s face will reduce excess ball spin. Removing the spin off the ball can lead to a longer straighter drive.

Using car wax on your club face will reduce the spin of the ball and should limit slices and hooks off the tee. Correcting unwanted spin will lead to straighter ball flight and longer tee shots.

How Much Car Wax Do You Apply To The Driver’s Face?

Using car wax on your driver’s face only works if you apply the correct amount. Too much car wax and your ball won’t make it out of the tee box. Not enough, and you won’t see any benefits from the wax.

A little bit of car wax goes a long way. Apply a small amount of car wax then evenly spread it across the club face. You want a thin layer of car wax on the club face. Big globs of car wax will end up limiting your distance. Repeat this process, applying more as needed throughout the round

Is It Legal To Use Car Wax On Your Driver?

Now that we know that car wax can work, we need to know if it’s legal to use. Unfortunately, players cannot use any foreign substances on the club’s face surface. USGA Rule 4.1 – Clubs is very clear on this matter.

Deliberately Changing Club’s Performance Characteristics During Round. A player must not make a stroke with a club whose performance characteristics he or she deliberately changed during the round … By applying any substance to the clubhead (other than in cleaning it) to affect how it performs in making a stroke.”

Using car wax on your driver’s face may be an effective way to fix your swing, but it is far from legal. Take the time to fix your swing before using gray-hat methods to improve your game.

Can Car Wax On The Driver’s Face Fix A Slice?

Applying car wax to the face of your driver can not only make your tee shot longer, but it can also help fix your slice. Minimizing the spin-off of the club face will help lessen the fade in the trajectory of your ball. While this is far from a longer-term solution to fix a slice, it can be a fun trick to try during a casual round.

Final Thoughts

Many golfers struggle off the tee with a driver. Using a car wax on your driver’s face is a novel approach to fixing your tee shots. While this approach can be effective, it is far from legal, and a tactic best left alone.  Use car wax to impress your friends but ditch it for more important competitive rounds.

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