Best Wedge For Flop Shots

One of the most rewarding yet challenging shots in golf is the flop shot. Execute it properly and you’ll look like a pro. Mess it up and be prepared to jot down a high score.

While the flop shot can be difficult to master, choosing the proper wedge can make a world of difference.

In the article below, we will cover all you need to know about the best wedges for flop shots.  We’ll look at how to hit a flop shot, when to use the shot, then jump into what wedges to use and which to avoid. We have a lot to cover so let’s get started!

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Our Favorite Wedges For Flop Shots

Top Pick

Titleist Vokey SM9 60 Degree Wedge

The Titleist Vokey SM9 Wedge is a game-changer for flop shot., Its innovative center of gravity placement and progressive CG locations make it easier to execute high, soft-landing flop shots with confidence. Whether you’re a seasoned golfer or a beginner looking to improve your short game, the SM9 Wedge is a must-have tool for mastering the delicate art of flop shots.

Runner Up

TaylorMade Hi-Toe 3 60 Degree Wedge

While the TaylorMade Hi-Toe 3 Wedge didn’t quite clinch the top spot, it’s a worthy runner-up for those seeking an excellent option for flop shots. Its unique design and precision-engineered grooves ensure exceptional spin control, making it a reliable choice for getting the ball high and stopping it on a dime around the green.


Cleveland RTX 6 Zipcore 60 Degree Wedge

For golfers on a budget, the Cleveland RTX 6 Zipcore Wedge offers fantastic value as an affordable choice for improving your flop shots. Its Zipcore technology enhances spin consistency, while the affordability factor doesn’t compromise on performance.

Fan Favorite

Mizuno S23 60 Degree Wedge

The Mizuno S23 60 Degree Wedge is a fan favorite when it comes to executing precise flop shots. Its versatile design and impressive craftsmanship make it a top choice among golf enthusiasts. While it may not have claimed the top spot, its popularity among avid golfers speaks volumes about its effectiveness in delivering those high, soft-landing flop shots.

What Is A Flop Shot And When To Use It?

A flop shot is a high, soft-landing shot typically used when you need to carry the ball over an obstacle, such as a bunker, and stop it quickly on the green.

This is an essential shot that every golf lover should learn to master. It comes in clutch when there’s minimal green to work with or when the pin is located close to the edge of the green with a hazard in between.

How Do You Hit A Flop Shot?

To hit a successful flop shot, you will need to open the clubface significantly. By doing so, you will create the extra loft need to send the ball up instead of forward. Next, make a shallow, sweeping swing at the ball to hit it sky high.

This combination of a wide-open face and a delicate swing allows the ball to pop up steeply, clear the obstacle, and land softly on the green, minimizing roll and ensuring greater control.

Mastering the flop shot can be a valuable skill for golfers, as it provides a versatile tool for navigating challenging situations on the course.

Can You Hit A Flop Shot With A 56 Degree Wedge?

It is possible to hit a flop shot with a 56-degree wedge. However, it may not be the ideal club. A higher lofted club, such as a 60-degree wedge, is typically used to hit these high-flying beauties.

This extra loft allows the club head to cut underneath the ball, sending it upwards instead of forward.

Can You Hit A Flop Shot With A Pitching Wedge?

Like using a 56-degree wedge, it is possible to hit a flop shot with a pitching wedge. However, we wouldn’t suggest it.

One of the main ideas behind hitting a flop shot is creating additional loft by opening the club face. Starting with a lower loft club, such as a pitching wedge, puts you at a disadvantage.

We always recommend using a 60-degree wedge to hit flop shots. Its by far the best option.

What Bounce Is Best For Flop Shots?

Be sure to choose a wedge with a higher bounce for your next flop shot. Using a higher bounce wedge is ideal for flop shots because it prevents the club from digging into the turf.

This allows for smoother contact with the ball and better execution of the high, soft-landing shot.

While higher bounce is generally preferred for flop shots, the exact bounce you should use depends on your playing conditions and personal preference.

Golfers who frequently encounter firmer, tight lies might opt for a lower bounce wedge for more control.

For most golfers and flop shot scenarios, a higher bounce wedge, such as 10-14 degrees of bounce, is a solid choice to help you execute this challenging shot effectively.

What Degree Wedge Is Best For Flop Shots?

A lob wedge, typically ranging from 58 to 64 degrees of loft, is the best wedge for flop shots.

A 60-degree wedge is commonly loft for most lob wedged. The trust 60 degree is favored for this shot due to its ability to provide the necessary high trajectory and steep descent angle.

Final Thoughts

A flop shot is a must have shot for any skilled golfer. To pull off a flop shot, make sure to open the clubface and make a shallow, sweeping swing.

Remember to choose a wedge with a higher bounce, around 10-14 degrees, to prevent the club from digging into the turf and will provide optimal results.

Differences in shaft weight and shaft flex can also impact your ability to hit a flop shop. We recommend working with a local professional to find the best wedge for your game!

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