5 Best Budget Golf Push Carts [Top Picks]

A golf push cart will make walking the golf course considerably more enjoyable. When you walk and carry your golf bag, it is easy for fatigue to set in. This fatigue will, without a doubt, impact your ability to finish your round strong. 

Golf push carts can save you money and time on the golf course. However, finding the best budget golf pushcart can be a bit of a challenge. Let’s take a look at the five of the best budget golf push carts on the market and some helpful information to make sure you end up with the right one. 

What is a Golf Push Cart?

A golf push cart is essentially a trolley that will allow you to place your golf clubs in the center and then wheel them around the course. The golf push cart eliminates the need for a golfer to carry their own golf clubs, and it becomes considerably more enjoyable to walk. 

Walking the golf course has become extremely popular for a multitude of reasons. If you plan on spending time on the golf course this summer and walking, a golf push cart is, without a doubt, a necessary piece of golf equipment to have. 

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Advantages of Golf Push Cart

There are many advantages to a push cart, and when you can find one that fits within your budget, it makes even more sense to purchase. Here are a few of the advantages that we find to be most important to having a golf push cart. 

  • Money Savings: Taking a golf push cart is much more affordable than using a ride on cart. Many golf courses charge up to $30 per person for a cart rental for 18 holes. With these budget friendly golf push carts, you will be able to play just a few rounds of golf, and the push cart will have already paid for itself. 
  • Health Benefits: We know that walking the golf course has tremendous health benefits, however, walking and carrying your bag can leave you with back and neck trouble. The push cart is very low impact and will ensure you do not get tired while playing. 
  • Faster Pace of Play: Many players are worried that a golf push cart can slow them down on the course, but this is entirely untrue. With the push cart, you can get closer to your ball and save all that time walking back and forth to the golf cart. 

Disadvantages of Golf Push Cart

As great as the golf push cart can be for your game, it’s smart to be aware of the disadvantages. Although the golfers that like to walk will disagree with some of our disadvantages of a golf push cart, they are at least worth mentioning. 

  • Can Create Fatigue: A golf push cart can still make you tired as you get up towards the 18th hole. When you purchase a budget golf pushcart make sure that you are getting something that you can easily maneuver around the golf course. 
  • Golf Push Cart Can Tip: If you are not careful about where you park your push cart or how heavy the bag is that you place on the cart, chances are your push cart can tip over. This can cause damage to the clubs, and it is important to avoid this at all costs. 
  • Storage Issues: Not all golf push carts are going to have a large amount of storage. Storage is important so that you can feel as though you have all of your gear in place while you travel around the golf course. Several attachments can be purchased to ensure you have more storage when needed. 

Features to Look for in a Golf Push Cart

Now that you understand some of the advantages and disadvantages of a golf push cart, it’s time to consider some of the more important features. Remember that when searching for a golf push cart in the budget range, some of the features will not be present. 

Electric vs. Push

The electric golf push carts will glide themselves around the course, and some even come with a remote control. These electric golf push carts are convenient, but they require a major investment. Most golfers find that the traditional push cart will work quite well for what they need it to do. 

Storability & Weight

All five of our best budget golf push carts will fold easily so that they can fit in the trunk of your car. Most of the time, the weight of the cart will range from 13 to 18 pounds. Look for golf push carts that fold in a few simple steps to the beginning and end of your round can be efficient and easy. 

Braking Systems

Most golf push carts have a foot brake system, some will have a hand brake system, and others will have no brake at all. We highly recommend choosing something with a brake system, especially if you play a golf course that has hills and slopes. 


There are a number of accessories that you can add to a golf push cart. Some of the most popular accessories for a golf push cart include . . .

  • Cell phone holder
  • Adjustable handle
  • Umbrella holder
  • Drink holder 
  • Seat 
  • Sand/bottle holder 
  • Storage bag 
  • Parking brake


The golf push cart with three and four wheels is quite durable and will ensure that your golf bag does not fall off the push cart. Many of the push carts come with wheels that will be maintenance free and not cause issues over time with needing to be filled with air. Durable golf push carts are typically made with aluminum and steel so that they do not rust. 

Should I rent or buy my own?

It makes sense to rent a push cart to try walking the golf course one time and see if it is something that you enjoy. However, long term, it will make much more economic sense to purchase your own push cart. Purchasing a push cart will pay for itself in just a few rounds, and they should last for many years. 

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Cost to Rent a Push Cart?

Most golf courses will allow you to rent a push cart for anywhere from $5 to $15 for your round. This does depend on the type of push cart you are able to rent. Some will even have electric push carts, but these tend to rent for higher prices. 

Can I Bring my Own to the Course for Free?

Most golf courses allow you to bring your own push cart and not pay any additional fees. There are, however, some courses that will charge you something called a Trail Fee, and that is typically just a few dollars for walking with your own push cart. Call the course ahead of time to make sure that you are aware of all out of pocket costs.  

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5 Best Budget Golf Push Carts

If you need recommendations for the best push carts for golfers on a budget keep reading below. We compiled a list of golf push cart reviews that outline our favorite push carts at reasonable prices.

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1.) Caddytek Caddylite: (Best Lightweight)

The Caddytek Caddylite is one of the best lightweight golf push cart options on the market. The entire unit weighs in at just over 15lbs, and the base is made from lightweight aluminum. The Caddytek brand has taken over the budget push cart scene in the last few years, giving golfers access to great golf push cart features without feeling as though they are paying too much. 

The Caddytek Caddylite is incredibly easy to fold. Once you get the system down, you can fold it in just three simple steps. The wheels are maintenance-free and all the same size to ensure a stable and easy to maneuver golf push cart. 

This particular push cart is a little wider than some other budget push carts on the market. You will find the 28 inch body has easy maneuverability and allows for more stability for the larger golf bag. With the easy-to-use foot brake, you can ensure that your push cart doesn’t get away from you on the holes with lots of slopes. 

Our Opinion

This is our top pick pushcart on the list. It’s light weight, folds easily, and pushes effortlessly all at an affordable price makes this an excellent choice for any golfer.

Price Range$180-$220
Material Aluminum
Our Review10 / 10


  • Multiple handle positions
  • Folds into 28×16.5×16.1 inch space
  • Maintenance free wheels with ball bearings
  • Storage compartment at the top with scorecard holder
  • Can accommodate larger cart bags 


  • Maintenance free wheels do not always provide the smoothest roll on the cart paths 

2.) Tangkula Golf Push Pull Cart: (Best 4 Wheel)

Overview: These are one of the best value golf grips you can buy. Although Champkey is not a well-

When choosing a golf push cart, players will have to choose between a 2, 3, or 4 wheel model. The 4 wheel is typically known for having the greatest stability, and that makes it appealing to players. With the Tangkula Golf 4 Wheel Push Cart, you will get tremendous stability and features for a very fair price. 

Tangkula makes a wide range of budget friendly golf equipment. Their idea is to make things functional and effective for the average golfer so that the game is more fun. This easily foldable design allows you to store the four wheel push cart in your trunk with easy. Some four wheel designs require that you take the wheel off to fold, but that is not the case with Tangkula. 

The adjustable handle ensures that golfers of all heights can use this push cart with ease. In addition, the storage space is impressive. Under the golf bag itself, a waterproof bag will hang that allows you to store your jacket or anything else you might have with you while you walk the golf course. 

Accessories included with this push cart include a scorecard and golf ball holder, beverage bottle, and even an umbrella holder. 

Our Opinion

This is a penny pincher’s pushcart. It is the best affordable option on this, but does not sacrifice on features. You wont be disappointed with the Tangkula Golf Push Pull Cart. It is one of the best carts on the market today.

Price Range$110-$140
Our Review9 / 10


  • Very easy to maneuver and change directions
  • Foldable design 
  • Very lightweight model (less than 6lbs)  
  • Can push or pull it behind you 


  • Does not have much storage 
  • Takes a bit more work/effort to get it around the course 

3.) GYMAX Golf Push Cart: (Easiest To Fold)

Overview: Not only do we find the Gymax Golf Push Cart to be the easiest to fold, it also folds to be one of the slimmer models that can fit in almost any trunk. One of the first things you will notice about the Gymax Golf Push Cart is that it has a tremendous load capacity for a lightweight budget friendly push cart. 

The push cart itself only weighs 13 pounds, but golfers are able to store even a heavy cart bag on this particular model. There are two foot brakes on this push cart to ensure that you always have the stability you need. Having to set the foot brakes is simple and just takes a tap of your foot. 

The ergonomic handle on the Gymax is adjustable, which allows you to be comfortable while pushing or pulling the cart around the course. In addition, the accessory options are quite good with an umbrella holder, cup holder, and scorecard holder. 

When comparing the features of this budget friendly push cart to other high end push cart models on the market, you can quickly see why it made our list. 

Our Opinion

Gymax Golf Pushcart is another must consider pushcart. It is budget friendly while having top end features. It’s compact size really sets apar for the competitors. Plus, it comes in different colors.

Price Range$130-$150
Our Reviews8 / 10


  • Very easy to push and or pull 
  • Good accessory options
  • Fair price for the technology included 
  • Folds more flat than other units
  • The folding process takes seconds 


  • Storage bag under the scorecard holder is quite small 

4.) Sun Mountain Speed Cart GX: (Budget Breaker)

Overview: For golfers on a budget that don’t want to sacrifice performance, the Sun Mountain Speed Cart GX is a great option to consider. Sun Mountain makes some of the best golf push carts on the market. The durability and longevity of these carts will easily hold up to the demands of an everyday golfer. Sun Mountain has golf push carts that are priced even higher than this Speed Cart GX, but as we know in the game of golf, many times, you will get what you pay for. 

One of the more unique features of the Sun Mountain Speed Cart GX is that it is available in several colors. If you are one of those players that want to match their golf bag to their push cart, Sun Mountain has you covered. 

The best thing about Sun Mountain golf push carts, when compared to other more budget friendly models, is the maneuverability. These carts are easy to push and move around, and they almost glide when on long stretches of grass. If you care about the ease of use, Sun Mountain Speed Cart GX will be a great choice. 

Accessories can easily be added to this durable push cart, but they will come at an extra cost. The Sun Mountain Speed Cart GX will accommodate a seat as it is a very durable and stable push cart. 

Our Opinion

While not necessarily the most affordable option, the Sun Mountain Speed Cart offers a lot for the price tag.

Price Range$230-$270
Our Review8 / 10


  • Upper and lower bag brackets for better adjustability
  • Large mesh tray 
  • Can attach a seat or seed/sand bottle
  • Folds much more compact 


  • It will likely be priced a bit higher than your budget 
  • Weighs over 17 pounds 

5.) Tangkula Golf Push Pull Cart 2 Wheel: (Best Cheap Push Cart)

Overview: When you transition from a budget golf pushcart to a cheap golf pushcart, expect to see the loss of a few features. However, Tangkula wanted to make sure that every customer was covered, and for that reason, they created the Tangkula Golf Push Pull Cart. For those that play an occasional round of golf walking, this is a perfect option to consider playing with. 

The Tangkula Golf Push Pull Cart only has two wheels. In the front, the golf cart will rest on a base that will nearly set your clubs on the ground. This feature helps to make the cart sturdy and the clubs easy to access, but it can eventually make the bottom of your golf bag quite dirty. 

With the storage of the Tangkula 2 Wheel, you can fold the push cart down into a 34.5 x 11 x17 inch unit. If you want to take the wheels off at the time of storage, you can easily do so, but it is not required. 

At the top of the push cart, expect a scorecard holder and a place to put a few golf balls and tees, but the overall storage will be lacking. If you are on a budget or think you only may walk the golf course a few times a year, the Tangkula Golf Push Pull Cart makes quite a bit of sense. 

Our Opinion

Not ready to make a big investment in a pushcart? Don’t worry, the Tangkula Golf Push Pull Cart is the perfect choice for those that are budget conscious or those who rarely walk.

Price Range$50-$70
Our Review7 / 10


  • Upper and lower bag brackets for better adjustability
  • Large mesh tray 
  • Can attach a seat or seed/sand bottle
  • Folds much more compact 


  • It will likely be priced a bit higher than your budget 
  • Weighs over 17 pounds 
  • No front wheel

Final Thoughts

Hopefully you now feel more equipped to choose the best budget golf push cart on the market. There are so many great options in this price range, but you want to make sure you do not sacrifice performance, stability, and maneuverability when you purchase a push cart. The Sun Mountain Speed Cart GX is one of the best premium choices, while the CaddyTek 3 Wheel will fit within your budget and still offer plenty of features. Always consider how often you play when choosing the best golf push carts on the market. 

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